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Jake Delhomme postgame comments

By Marla Published: September 12, 2010

Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme's post-game remarks after a 17-14 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday.

(On first-half interception) Y eah, disappointing. We had the lead and were making a little drive, we had some time, had some timeouts, and they kinda let Ben go free there and I was trying to get it to him. Ronde (Barber) was able to come off of whoever was in the slot and get it. Very disappointing. I’m the one with the ball in my hands, so I’ve got to be smarter than that. Certainly, that’s in my mind a 10-point swing right there.

(Were you being dragged down) I don’t know. I didn’t see a replay. I’m not using that as an excuse. Probably should’ve maybe just taken a sack.

(Your inner drive to make plays, that why you were burned) A bsolutely.  S ometimes you get burned. Usually I feel more times than not you can kinda make it happen. It was a play that thought was good call and we almost had it.

(Hillis fumble killed the offensive production) T hat was disappointing and that was on us offensively. I think first down was where we killed ourselves, be it running or throwing. We didn’t do a good job on first down, putting ourselves in manageable second-down situations. Something we need to work on. Game 1, I’m as disappointed as anyone. I felt we could’ve come in here and got a win, but it didn’t happen. We’re going to try to work to get better.

(clicking early) I t did. That’s what was so disappointing about before the half. We could’ve put some points on the board there and not given seven points back to them.

(interception on deep ball to Mohamed Massaquoi) T hird down when we were backed up. They were playing covers there and I didn’t get enough on it. We were in a trips set and the safety to the weak side was pushing over to the 3 by 1 and  Mo runs to get that safety, then goes to the corner. If I could’ve got enough on it, he could’ve had more of an opportunity to make a play.

(first interception was Watson coming open) I was trying to get the ball to him, and Ronde, that’s why he’s still playing. He’s a savvy vet and he was covering the guy down that area. He came off and went and got the ball. He made a good play, but still I should’ve been smarter with the ball.

(Remember about the rush on that play) I think it was fine. I needed to be smarter.

(deep ball to Massaquoi in end zone for incompletion) He went to the corner. That's his read. He had a choice to down to the middle or to the corner and it was his decision. I felt I needed to get rid of it and I was anticipating maybe he could've gone, but that's his read and that's something we're all working through. It's our first live bullets playing together. It's something we can all learn from.

(ankle injury) My ankle got a little stiff on me for some reason, but that's no excuse. It's fine.

(did you want to make a good first impression) You always want to make a good first impression, you want to be perfect in everything you do. But still, I think had we come out and won, yeah it would've been great, but the thing is how do you respond.  How do you come back from it? That's the true character of a man.

(first downs in second half) Give them credit, they did a good job but we didn't get enough, be it run or pass for whatever reason. They were putting some guys in the box and they were doing a good job, but that's up to us offensively to make some more things happen.

(did  you get more conservative in second half) No, I can't say that because we tried to throw it a couple of times on first down, we did a wildcat on first down. After we look at the film we'll know more. They played some good defense on those plays, but still you would assume our execution probably could've been better.

(run first approach) That's a blueprint for success and that's how this team ended the season, running the ball really well.  We've got some good running backs, so if you can run it consistently it certainly opens up some things in the passing game.

(coach still has faith in you) That's nice of him to say that. I think I'm more disappointed and it hurts more than anybody. You want to start the season 1-0. We had great preparation and a great week's work and we lost the turnover battle. Plain and simple, 3-2 and without a doubt that was the difference in the game.



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