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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Jamal Lewis named as patient of Galea

By Marla Published: July 7, 2011

Former Browns running back Jamal Lewis was one of three athletes named by a federal prosecutor Wednesday as being patients of Dr. Anthony Galea, a Toronto doctor who has admitted to smuggling HGH and other illegal drugs into the U.S., the Buffalo News reported.

The other two were golfer Tiger Woods and linebacker Takeo Spikes, now with the San Francisco 49ers. Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul J. Campana did not say what kind of treatments Lewis and Spikes received. New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez has also acknowledged being one of Galea's patients. 

One of Galea's Toronto lawyers, Brian Greenspan, said Woods received ''only one of four'' of platelet-rich plasma treatments and was never given banned substances, according to the News.

According to the newspaper, Galea is cooperating with the government as the investigation expands into a new phase. Galea, who has received a plea deal, has promised to provide information about all of his U.S. patients, the News reported.

When asked if Lewis, Spikes and Woods could become targets of the investigation, U.S. attorney William J. Hochul Jr. said that will depend on their honesty during interviews, the News reported.

According to the News, Greenspan said Galea also injected athletes with HGH and Actovegin, a derivative of calf's blood, but that the purpose was to treat injuries, not enhance performance.



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