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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Jaworski on Vick's side

By Marla Published: November 12, 2010

While young quarterbacks like Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez are proving they're the real deal,  it is nine-year veteran Michael Vick who is setting himself up to be the NFL's comeback player of the year.

The Eagles quarterback has a rating of 105.3, which is higher than Vince Young (103.1), Philip Rivers (102.9), Peyton Manning (96.3), Tom Brady (95.7) and Drew Brees (91.7). Vick's completion percentage is 60.8. He's thrown seven touchdown passes with no interceptions and has completed 15 passes of 20-plus yards. He's average yards per attempt is 8.1.

Vick drew rave reviews from Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski during a conference call this week.

"Michael is playing tremendous football. One thing that jumps out at me as opposed to last year … Michael being away a couple years, he was rusty.  Last year he didn’t have that quick twitch and that’s what made him so dangerous …What I see now is the quickness is back. He has the unique ability to identify man or zone … The mobility is now back and he reads the coverage very well.

"What jumps out too, is the chemistry between Michael and DeSean Jackson. It seems they are on the same page. They see the field through the same eyes. The numbers bear that out.''

As for how Vick has developed this season, Jaworski said,  “What I’m seeing is a quarterback more inclined to stay in the pocket, to go through that progression and find No. 2 and find No. 3. I think ultimately that’s when you become a terrific quarterback. Then you take the run option as the last option, or, if there’s quick pressure on the quarterback, get rid of the football.

"I’m seeing the growth of Michael Vick in that area. I wouldn’t have thought it a year ago, but I think it’s really a testament to Andy Reid. I think (Vick) has made the strong commitment to learn this offense.''



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