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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Kosar makes more sense in Miami, Cincinnati

By Marla Published: January 28, 2011

A Boston Globe report that former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar has been ''poking around'' the New England Patriots and ''hopes to get into coaching,'' has Northeast Ohio fans in an uproar.

After word got out that Kosar had gone to the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., to check out NFL job possibilities, Tony Rizzo of WKNR radio reported that the Bengals had been talking to Kosar about a position.

I can see Patriots coach Bill Belichick hiring Kosar, then locking him in a dark room and throwing away the key. Belichick knows what kind of offensive mind Kosar has; he saw the insubordination to prove it. But I can't see Kosar wanting the responsibilities or the hours that working for Belichick would require.

The Bengals' situation might be appealing for both sides since the organization has virtually no scouting department and Kosar might have considerable input into personnel decisions and offensive strategy. Kosar might be able to make that work on a consultant basis.

But if Kosar really does want to get into the NFL, the best destination would be Miami. He became close friends with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in 2009. Daboll was recently hired by the Dolphins, who want to open up their offense.

That doesn't seem possible from the Daboll we saw in Cleveland. But it does seem possible if Kosar is helping Daboll.

Kosar still has plenty of ties to South Florida from his University of Miami days. He supposedly still has a home there. The Dolphins need Kosar more than anyone in the NFL.

Those who want Kosar working for the Browns almost surely will be disappointed. They already have their offensive consultant in president Mike Holmgren.

Last season Holmgren frequently watched film with rookie quarterback Colt McCoy. Holmgren is known around the building as ''Coach Holmgren,'' which seems more than a term of affection.

Th Browns will have plenty of offensive minds in Holmgren, his senior advisor Gil Haskell, coach Pat Shurmur and a yet-to-be-named offensive coordinator. Even that may be too many.



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