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Marla Ridenour on Sports

LeBron covers all bases in Nike ad

By Marla Published: October 26, 2010

As LeBron James prepared to open the season Tuesday night with the Miami Heat, Nike debuted his new shoe commercial that has almost nothing to do with shoes.

I must give the writers credit. It was almost as if the former Cavs' star cobbled together every criticism he'd received since taking his talents to South Beach into one spot. The only subjects he didn't address were his elbow ''injury'' and the charge that he's was a quitter for giving up his quest to lead the Cavs to a championship.

Entitled ''Rise'' and lasting 1:32, the commercial opens with James sitting on a stool like he did in his controversial show ''The Decision'' in which he announced his choice in free agency.

James says, ''What should I do?

"Should I admit I made mistakes?

''Remind you I've done this before?

''Should I give you a history lesson?

"Tell you how much fun we had?

''Should I believe I ruined my legacy?

''Should I have my tattoo removed?

''Should I just sell shoes?

''Should I tell you I'm not a role model?

''Tell you I'm a championship chaser? That I did it for the rings? For the money?

''Accept my role as a villain?

"Stop listening to my friends? They're my friends.

"Maybe I should just disappear.

"Should I try acting?

''Make you laugh?

"Read you a soulful poem?

''Or should we just clear the decks and start over?

''Should I be who you want me to be?''

While the inclusion of former Miami Vice star Don Johnson in the acting portion seems cheesy, the commercial does seem a masterful way for James to clear the air and start over. Even if he didn't say he was sorry.



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