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Manager Terry Francona after the Indians' 10-8 loss to the Blue Jays Thursday

By Marla Ridenour Published: April 4, 2013

Here's what Tribe manager Terry Francona said after the Indians fell 10-8 to the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre Thursday night.

Why did Myers have a hard time tonight: “He elevated some pitches and the ones that were elevated were a little bit flat. There’s a lot of balls that left the ballpark, there were some deep fly balls. I think that’s an indication that when he’s crisp that he can flip that breaking ball. Saying that, about the third or fourth inning, he had a five-pitch inning, he had a nine-pitch inning. That was good. It wasn’t like he threw 100 pitches. We needed to get outs.

Why did you stuck with him to open the sixth: “That and the fact that I think the best way to ruin the season is to ruin the bullpen. If he gets through the sixth, all of a sudden we can match up a little bit. After a game like last night (11 innings), especially three games into the season, if anybody has a hiccup in the bullpen you run into problems.

What can you say about the way the offense battled back: “And that’s not an easy guy. Buehrle, that feeds right into him. He starts taking something off, cuts it in on you. We did a really good job. That’s a hard way to play, but if that’s the way you have to play, that’s the way you have to play. There’s going to be nights like that.”

Is that what you want the guys to focus on on nights like this: “Oh, they know that. They don’t even need reminding of that. The object’s just to win, however you have to do it.”

What you saw from Myers, was this what he struggled with this spring: “We saw flashes this spring when he was real sharp, the breaking ball was there. I thought a couple of his cutters wandered over the middle. That’s a dangerous lineup. They can be very free-swinging. There were some walks. We walked the top guys in the order to get to Bautista, that’s probably not the best recipe for success.

“We saw tonight of what they can do with their speed and their defense. When Santana hit the ball up the middle, I think everybody in the ballpark thought we were going to take the lead.”

Reyes scoring: “That’s some pretty good baseball. We have to try to turn that and we almost did. But on the flip side he used heads up and that’s good baseball. That’s what they can do. Fortunately the first two games we didn’t see it.”



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