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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Mike Lombardi nails problem with Browns' offense

By Marla Published: November 4, 2011

In a column on, former Browns player personnel director Mike Lombardi shares an anecdote about the anemic Browns offense.

Here's what Lombardi, now with the NFL Network, has to say:

3. Writing about the Browns offense leads me to a game I play every week at NFL Films. I sit in my office in Mt Laurel, N.J., put the Browns offense on my screen and call a friend who was a coach in the league, but is now in between successes. I tell my friend the personnel group, the formation, where the ball is located on the field and what hash mark and describe the motion -- if there is any -- and ask him to tell me the exact play that will be run. He is correct about 95 percent of the time. No lie. The Browns are so integrated into the West Coast system that their predictability is becoming legendary around the league.

Here's the link to Lombardi's article:




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