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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Mood at CBS was surprising

By Marla Published: March 11, 2011

I flew to New York City on Tuesday for the CBS-TNT March Madness media day and was surprised by the mood of CBS Sports employees regarding a possible NFL lockout.

When I departed and said to members of the CBS media relations staff that I hoped to see them in August for their annual NFL media day, most responded with something along the lines of "If there's football.''

That early in the week I was optimistic about the chances of a labor deal, or at least an extension of the current CBA. But they were much more pessimistic.

It seemed highly unlikely that came from inside information they had regarding the status of the negotiations between owners and the NFL Players Association, especially considering the department in which they work. But with a lockout looking more likely as today's 5 p.m. deadline approaches, it appears that their instincts were right on point.



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