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Odds on Ohio State coach Jim Tressel's future

By Marla Published: April 27, 2011

Proving that you can bet on anything, has set odds on whether Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel will survive an NCAA investigation into his cover-up of his players' acceptance of illegal benefits.

The website set odds on what will happen to Tressel in 2011. It also shows percentages on the likehood of four options occuring.

The bets:

Gets a suspension and $250,000 fine: +180 (35.5 percent)

Gets only a suspension: +120 (45.5 percent)

Gets fined more than $250,000: +200 (33 percent)

Gets fired: +180 (35.5 percent)

Ohio State has already announced it will fine Tressel $250,000 and suspend him for the first five games next season. The 'Gets only a suspension' bet would require the NCAA to remove the fine from Tressel's penalty and just suspend him.

All the bets are based on the premise of wagering $100. For example, a wager of $100 that Tressel will be fired would net the bettor $180 if it happens.




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