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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Porter credits UA fans

By Marla Published: December 13, 2010

Akron coach Caleb Porter thought it was fitting that sophomore Scott Caldwell's game-winning goal in Sunday's 1-0 College Cup victory over Louisville came at the same end of the field where the AK-Rowdies stand at home.

"Our Rowdies were great,'' Porter said Sunday. "They always are. We appreciate all the Akron people, all the alums and students. It was a big help.

"Usually I don't notice the fans, I'm so locked in, but I heard the Rowdies several times.''

Porter said scores against Louisville and Michigan came at their favorite end.

"The last two games we scored in that same goal,'' he said. "The (Rowdies) moved to that goal in the second half  just like the first game. It's ironic we found a goal at that end.''

While there seemed to be more Louisville fans among the crowd of 9,672 in UC Santa Barbara's Harder Stadium, one man started the "I Believe!'' cheer that is usually done after victories at home.



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