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Marla Ridenour on Sports

T-shirt targets Ohio State coach Jim Tressel

By Marla Published: April 4, 2011

Entrepreneurs wasted no time making fun of Ohio State coach Jim Tressel's admitted cover-up in the Tattoogate scandal that resulted in a five-game suspension next season for the coach and five of his players. The NCAA could issue further sanctions for Tressel's role.

Smack Apparel has created a T-shirt that reads, 'Tressel's Tattoo and Pawn.'' According to a company release, Tressel is wearing his trademark vest, but sports tatoos and a heavy gold chain.

Above his image is an old comment from Tressel, "That's what a top-five football team looks like."  Underneath it says, "WHAT HAPPENS IN COLUMBUS, STAYS IN COLUMBUS" and "(ERR...UNLESS THE NCAA FINDS OUT ABOUT IT!)." 

To no one's surprise, Michigan is a target market.



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