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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Terrelle Pryor post-game comments

By Marla Published: September 3, 2010

Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor's post-game remarks after a 45-7 victory over Marshall Thursday night. Pryor completed 17 of 25 for 247 yards and three touchdowns before being lifted with 10:42 remaining.

What did this game mean: ''We made a lot of big plays, got the crowd going. We had a lot of fun.''

What do you expect next week:  "I haven't watched film at all. I'll be checking them out tomorrow night."

How do you feel compared to a year ago: "I feel real comfortable. We're such a close group, our togetherness, it's magic, it's a miracle. How great we play together and how confident and comfortable we are with each other, it goes a long way.''

Were there mistakes tonight: "We made a couple. There were a couple times we missed a couple blitzes, I should have picked up. It's just a chance to get out and have some fun before we get to the next game. We've got to watch film and get better off that because we need our 'A' game. We've got to stop losing at No. 2.''

Was this progression for you from the Rose Bowl: "It comes with maturity. The next quarterback who comes here is going to have the same problems. I wouldn't get too happy yet. Let's see if we can get here next week. I'm looking forward to that, a chance to play against Miami, because I want to see how good we really are.''

2002 game: "I wasn't a big Ohio State fan, I wasn't a fan of anything, really. I was always a Carolina fan, any time basketball was on, that's the only time I wanted to watch, Carolina basketball. I'd be lying if I said I watched the game.

"If that's what they want to use for revenge, that's eight years ago? Times have changed. You come and play this game, you can't look back, you've got to look forward. We're not going to look at it like we should have lost. I don't know how they're feeling. I think they want to come in and make a name for themselves. Why would they want to come back from eight years ago and show they should have won? Whatever happened, happened then. Neither one of us should worry about the 2002 game."

Any throws you would like to have back:  "There were a couple where Dane came across and I threw a bad ball, a low ball. There were a bunch."

Next week: "It's a big confidence builder. They're going to come in fired up, we're going to be very fired up. I'm going to make sure the offense is ready, the defense captains are going to be sure the defense is ready. We're going to be ready to go, I promise you that."



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