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Close to home with Mary Beth Breckenridge

Dirt powers robotic vacuum

By Mary Beth Breckenridge Published: April 2, 2013

Imagine a robotic vacuum cleaner that powers itself off your dirt.

That's the idea behind the Limbo, a concept robot introduced by cleaning products maker Casabella at the recent International Housewares Show in Chicago.

The Limbo uses a process called microbial electrolysis to produce power from bacteria, according to a post on the futuristic technology website Tuvie. The floor cleaner sucks up waste and then harnesses the power from the bacteria within it. 

The robot also has wheels with a honeycomb design that allows them to flex, so the robot can climb over obstacles easily and even go up and down stairs.

The Tuvie post says the robot was devised to "inspire future design," so don't expect to find it at Wal-Mart anytime soon.



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