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Close to home with Mary Beth Breckenridge

Finding your main water shutoff now can prevent disaster

By Mary Beth Breckenridge Published: January 6, 2014

Do you know where your main water shutoff is?

You should. On a frigid day like today when water pipes can freeze and burst, that knowledge could mean the difference between a minor cleanup and an expensive home repair.

If you don’t know know where your house's shutoff valve is, take a few minutes today to locate it so you'll be able to shut off the water quickly if one of your pipes breaks.

The main shutoff valve is found where the water supply enters the house, usually near the water meter. The meter is typically along the basement wall nearest the street.

If you don't have a basement, the shutoff is probably near the water heater but might also be under a sink.

Lowe's has easy-to-understand instructions, complete with a photo of what a typical shutoff valve looks like. Keep in mind that your valve might have a lever handle instead of a wheel-type one. 



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