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Close to home with Mary Beth Breckenridge

It's hammer time, Buckeyes!

By Mary Beth Breckenridge Published: June 19, 2013

I'll be rooting for Ohio State to beat Michigan this weekend. 

Yeah, I know the big football matchup is still five months away. The Buckeyes I'll be cheering for are challenging the rival Wolverines in a home renovation competition.

The contest is the subject of an HGTV special called Raise a Roof: College Challenge, premiering at 2 p.m. Saturday. The show pits teams from the two universities in a home makover competition for charity.

The Ohio State team will rehab a house in Columbus for a single mother with two young daughters, one of whom has autism. The team from that school up North will renovate a house for a mother and daughter in Ypsilanti, Mich.  

The two teams won the right to participate by raising money for the charitable organization Rebuliding Together, and they're competing for nothing more than bragging rights. So even though it stabs this Buckeyes fan in the heart just a little to say so, both teams are winners. 

But only till November. 



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