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2008 "Rubbing Our Faces In It" Tour

By The Reverend Published: December 19, 2008

For many years I have held the belief that George W. Bush is a cynical, burnt-out, ex-drunk whose DNA predestines him to destroy everything he involves himself in. I still hold that belief today. This is a man who detests government for the people, in all it's expressions, and has sought, for 8 years now, to destroy it wherever it could be found. History will prove me right.

But I must say something about the current "legacy" or "victory" tour, that W., Dick and Condi have been traveling on in recent weeks. To be expected, the White House warriors have been trying to rewrite history by telling all the old lies as well as making up some new ones for this final "tour". Yesterday, however, George gave me cause to rename his victory tour.... "Rubbing Our Faces In It One More Time...08 Tour".

Please watch the first two minutes of the following Countdown video clip.....

When asked about the potential of the Big Three automakers going bankrupt....Bush said, "I am worried about a disorderly bankruptcy and what it would do to the psychology of the markets."

If you watch George carefully, watch his can tell that he knows that what he is saying is an act of rubbing our faces in the defecation of his entire more time. And it amuses him. He could care less if 3 million automaker-related jobs are lost, that's not what he's "worried" about...not at all. What he is worried about is the "markets" and the "psychology of the markets".

But then George W. Bush waxes as smart-assed as I've ever seen him. "I feel an obligation to my successor", the Crawford Cardboard Cowboy begins. "I've thought what it would be like for me to become president during this period. I believe that good policy is not to dump him a major catastrophe in his first day of office."

Record monthly unemployment numbers, a failed banking industry, a stock market at 9-11 levels, a failed occupation of Iraq and a failed attempt to kill Bin Laden and eliminate the Taliban, military detainee torture and kangaroo court problems, an offshore American Gulag, the Katrina mess, fewer Americans with health coverage than when he took office, a totally compromised, gone-all-rogue Justice Department, the unconstitutional practice of vacuuming-up all Americans' communications, a national debt doubling during his administration....BUT...George doesn't want to "dump" Obama a major "catastrophe" his first day in office.

I mean, Jesus. Have you ever seen a bigger prick than this guy? Ever? And you can tell by the smirk on his face while speaking, that George is amusing himself while cynically spouting off even more "rub it in your face" bullsh*t. George is simply delighted that he is "dumping" a big steaming pile of sh*t on to Obama's desk. Just delighted. His eyes even twinkle talking about it. Just as with Bush's words on torture, "America doesn't torture," when George says he doesn't want to dump a catastrophe on Obama....that's exactly what he wants to do, and has been planning to do ever since November 4th.

This is a very, very bad man, who, rightfully, should be placed behind federal prison bars for the rest of his natural life. No exaggeration. And as I've mentioned many times before.....the most prominent question in the future, looking back, will in the hell did America not lock this guy up?

Because George W. Bush will never have to answer for his reign of terror over America, one day there will come along yet another president who will be, Biblically speaking, two-fold the child of hell that Bush was.....just as Bush is two-fold the child of hell that Nixon was.

The Supreme Court is now fully equipped and prepared to roll back the promise of America. All it will take, as Bush has proven, is one presidential maniac, plus 34 Rubber Stampers in the Senate to prevent a Congressional override.....and America, once the brightest democratic hope of the world, will fold up like a cheap suit.

The American democratic experiment, as George W. Bush has clearly demonstrated, can now be easily gamed. The reason George is smirking so much because he knows he's gotten away with it. The only way he can advertise that he's gotten away with to rub our faces in it.

How do you like it?



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