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2010: New & Improved Insanity

By The Reverend Published: January 6, 2010

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

There are sooo many idiots saying so many things on the teevee machine starting out the new year.....that it makes picking a particlur idiot, or a particular crazy something to write about akin to eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet....hard to know where to start.

Brit Hume of Fox's Entertainment Tonight has advice for Tiger Woods. The Ole' Hound Dog Brit suggests that Mr. Woods should convert to Christianity of the evangelical kind and quit his alleged Buddhism. The reason?

".. he needs something that Christianity, especially provides and gives and offers and that is redemption and forgiveness."

Mr. Hume looks at all the world religions, or not, and concludes that forgiveness and reconciliation are qualities that only evangelical Christianity "especially provides."

Just like when you have a problem with getting those difficult grass stains out of the kids' should get some OxyClean.....if a married billionaire pro golfer has been, you know, doing the dirty with a double digit number of bimbos, none of whom are his wife.....that golfer should get himself some fresh-off-the-shelf, deeply-discounted at your neighborhood evangelical market, with or without coupons.....Oxy-grace. Call now and we'll double your order for free.

It's a product purchase kind of approach that the Britster takes.

But Hume isn't "proselytizing"...or anything.


Last night on Hardballs, Mr. Matthews said...."the Teabaggers are an interesting group to watch. They're not far right, they're probably center-right....generally, they are Republican voters. Is that fair to say? They vote Republican."

Then, this unbelievable response from Susan Day of USA Today.....
"You know, I don't think these are really Republican voters."

Matthews: "Yeah, but who did they vote for? McCain or Obama?

Day: "Well, they voted for McCain over Obama. But they voted for Palin over McCain."

Matthews: "They're both Republicans."

Day: "They ARE both Republicans."

Two things here....if the Teabaggers are center-right, not far right, as Sissy-boy Chrissy states, then the U.S. is freaking doomed.

Secondly....Susan Day is a moron.


Another one of my favorite National Room Mother Bitches.....did I really say that?......why, yes I did...... is the one and only Cokie Roberts. How annoyingly stupid can one bitchy Room Mother be? Let's count the ways....

Well, it's always politically difficult for Democrats when they are dealing with an issue like terrorism. It remained the Republican's only winning issue through most of President Bush's second term, and it's a particular problem for a Democrat who hasn't served in the military.....

Republicans were guarding the gates on 9-11 when the U.S. experienced it's worst attack ever. 9-11 was a terrorist attack, which, kind of, places it in the "terrorism" file. Anthrax attacks followed shortly after 9-11. Instead of a concerted and sustained effort to eliminate al-Qaeda types, Republican leadership frauded-up a "war of choice" inside Iraq, a place where no terrorists were. Bin Laden and Zawahiri are still doing their thing and al-Qaeda has spread and increased their number....we've been in Afghanistan for over 8 years.

Yet, terrorism is a "winning" issue for Republicans.

Obama never served in the, besides terrorism being a "winning" issue for Republicans.....terrorism is "a particular problem" for Obama, according to Our National Room Mother.

George W. Bush, a Republican president, dodged the draft back in the 70's when his Poppy arranged a safe National Guard gig for him. A gig Georgie never completed. Contrary to Cokie.....Bush never really "served in the military" either. He avoided the fate of millions of other American young men of his day. He didn't serve his country when the country was "at war." He avoided war.

Using Cokie's amazingly brilliant thinking, it's easy to see why Republicans, like Bush, find terrorism to be a "winning issue."

I'm kidding.

Honestly.....2009 started out pretty crazy with the afterglow of Palin's Pathetic Patriots and all. The Drugster calling for Obama to fail on Inauguration Day. But this is only the first week of January, 2010.

Welcome to the The Year of the TeaBag.



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