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2010 War Criminal Book Tour

By The Reverend Published: November 9, 2010

Matt Lauer: (quoting from the American war criminal's new book)
"It (9-11) redefined duty and it would redefine my job. I could never forget what happened to America that day. I would pour my heart and soul into protecting this country, whatever it took."

Lauer: It took two wars, it took thousands of lives, American lives, billions of dollars, could say it took Guantanomo, and Abu Ghraib, and government eavesdropping and waterboarding. Did it take too much?

War Criminal: We didn't have an attack. 3000 people died on September 11 and I vowed that I would do my duty to protect the American people and ah....they didn't hit us again.

Unlike most modern nations, the U.S. celebrates and cheers it's war criminals. As long as those criminals represented the Republican Party while carrying out their crimes. Ronald Reagan got his lying, international-criminal ass caught in a wringer over the Iran-Contra secret crime. Reagan endures as a god to conservatives.

It's the damnest thing. But it's what America has done.....and is doing right now in the war criminal person of George W. Bush. And it's sickening.

Please help me to decipher Bush's explanation for why it was "all worth it."

"I vowed (after September 11) that I would do my duty to protect the American people....and they didn't hit us again."

America's book touring war criminal took an oath of office after the Supreme Court installed him as president....and in that oath, Bush swore to defend the Constitution. In that Constitution, the president is designated as the Commander in Chief of all the armed services. The armed services exist to protect the American people.

So when Bush swore to defend the Constitution, he was swearing to protect the American people. That's point number one.

Point number two is that, contrary to our celebrated war criminal's retelling, Bush was president for 8 full months before September 11 happened. I know it's tricky....but Bush was inaugurated on January 20, 2001,...and then if you count each month until September come up with almost 8 full months.

Contrary to the looped propaganda heard on certain fascist teevee networks.....George W. Bush's first day as president wasn't September 12, 2001.

Point number 3, and the one few conservatives or Republicans ever want to talk about (and so they don't), is that George W. Bush did not protect the United States from it's worst terrorist attack in it's history. Approximately 3000 citizens died because Bush did not protect them. Bush did not protect America on 9-11....and not because he wasn't warned repeatedly that an al-Qaeda strike was imminent.

It was only AFTER he failed to protect our nation on 9-11 that Bush "vowed" to do everything he could to protect Americans.

After 9-11, not before....but after.....that's when Bush vowed to do whatever it took to protect America. The vow to protect was not in place before 9-11, apparently. Bush did not do his "duty" before 9-11, but vowed to do his "duty" after 9-11.

Can someone explain this?......because, you know, it all sounds like a bunch of psycho-babble bullsh*t to me. Bullsh*t blurted out for the purpose of selling a book authored by a war criminal.

But the Bush War Criminal Book Tour media bullsh*t blitz doesn't stop with the befuddled timing of "vowing to protect after 9-11".....heavens no. Put your waders on and we'll walk out to the deeper part of the steaming pile.

After 9-11, not before, President War Criminal "vowed to do his duty to protect the American people." Don't forget.....W's "vow to protect" came AFTER 9-11.

Setting aside the multiple death producing anthrax attacks which came AFTER 9-11.....and which Bush also did not protect America did George Bush go about protecting us after 9-11?

He attacked and occupied a nation which posed no threat to America and had nothing to do with what happened on 9-11. Close to 100,000 civilians of that non-threatening nation were butchered and some 4500 U.S. soldiers gave up their lives in honor of the War Criminal's "vow". That's how Bush's "vow" was kept....according to the War Criminal himself. And the proof, says the War Criminal, that he kept his "vow", is the fact that AFTER 9-11, and excluding those pesky anthrax attacks, and despite the tens of thousands of dead bodies, "they didn't hit us again."

To conservatives, to Republicans.....Commander War Criminal Guy's explanations may seem reasonable, understandable. Fiends at Fox continue to explain away Bush's failure to protect the same way that the War Criminal explains it.

But I gotta' say......and I realize I'm a liberal, you know, loon......I'm not getting it. To me, a president whose primary job is to protect the nation from foreign or domestic enemies, and who fails to do so.....and then, after failing to protect the nation he swore on inauguration day to defend, he "vows to do his duty to protect the people" AFTER his failure........sounds an awful lot like that other famous bullsh*t line our celbrated War Criminal blurted out back in the day....

"American doesn't torture."

Chris Matthews gets on my nerves.....but on the Iraq issue, he had it right. This exchange from last night is quite good.....



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