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6 Degrees of Executive Privilege Separation

By The Reverend Published: July 18, 2008

George W. Bush's favorite fig leaf is "executive privilege". When The Codpiece is, you know, sticking out dangerously far, George reaches for his 'privilege' fig leaf. It's Bush's blanky.

Because of Decider's simplistic, buffoonish and deceptive ways, "executive privilege" can now mean whatever a Republican president says it means.

Back in Nixon's time the "privilege" was invoked by Tricky in an attempt to keep the taped conversations of the foul-mouthed, bigoted Constitution shredder and his closest advisors from being heard by Americans. The "privilege" had nothing to do with the willingness or unwillingness of Nixon's closest advisors to be "candid" with President Dick. Nixon invoked "executive privilege" to cover his own criminal ass. Not that complicated, really.

Today we have the mutant spawn of Tricky Dick sitting in and contaminating the White House. Not-So-Tricky-But-Still-A-Dick, Georgie has been attempting to cover his own cynical ass for just about 6 years now.....and he's been successful....thanks to complicit Democrats and a media profession constantly on their knees, sucking-up to power.

To UnTricky Georgie, "executive privilege" is only a parlor game. You see, Georgie f*cked stuff up, some on purpose, some not....and when people started asking about why everything was all f*cked up....Georgie went to the closet and got out his presidential game box called "executive privilege".

George, the Stupider, only plays games if he gets to change the rules. Think....Kyoto, International Criminal Court, Constitution, reasons to attack Iraq.....stuff like that. So too, with Georgie's very own personal edition of the "executive privilege" game.

Executive privilege, though not mentioned at all in the Constitution, allegedly is invoked by presidents so that the president's closest advisors will be forthcoming while sharing important information with the president. The spin is that a president's advisors won't be candid with the president if the advisors suspect that their conversations with the president will become public information.

For the life of me, I don't understand why this is even needed.....and so I don't accept "executive privilege" as anything other than a lame excuse to hide information, damaging to the president, from the American public.

However, UnTricky Georgie brought his own rulebook to his own executive privilege game. Now ANY conversation the Bushman wants kept secret is claimed to fall under the umbrella of privilege. Not just conversations that involve the president, mind you, but ANY potentially damaging conversation or transcript between or among ANYBODY, whether they had a conversation with the president or not, according to Georgie, all fall under the privilege.....if he says so.

Michael Mukasey, Bush's personal consigliere, occupying the office of Attorney General, has just told Congress that the transcipt of Dick Cheney being interviewed by FBI officials concerning the Plame case, even though the Dickster wasn't talking with Georgie when he was interviewed, is to be kept secret because of....that's right....executive privilege reasons.

Congressional Democrats pointed out some of the official game rules of executive privilege yesterday....

"We are not seeking access to the communications between the Vice President and the President. We are seeking access to the communications between the Vice President and FBI investigators. . . .

"This unfounded assertion of executive privilege does not protect a principle; it protects a person. . . .

Congressional Democrats just didn't have the "Georgie" version of the executive privilege game rules....that's all. Bush, the 28% GameBoy, has inserted a brand new concept into the game's official rulebook. Now executive privilege can be claimed if the president can be connected to the person whose words the president seeks to 6 steps or less.

Makes the game a whole lot more fun .....and exciting.

See, Henry Waxman was correct in saying that the Real Dick (Cheney) wasn't talking directly to the president when the Real Dick was talking to the FBI. However in 6 steps or less of separation 'connection' was as if the Real Dick was actually speaking directly to the president....even though he wasn't.

Here's how the fun-game works. Bush hired Robert Mueller, FBI Director. Step 1. When Mueller threatened to resign after finding out the extent of Bush's illegal spying program, John Ashcroft was in the hospital. Step 2. Alberto Gonzales went to see Ashcroft while he was in the hospital trying to get the then Attorney General to sign off on the same abusive activities Mueller threatened to resign over. Step 3. Alberto Gonzales became Attorney General after Ashcroft. Step 4. Michael Mukasey followed Gonzales into the Attorney General's job. Step 5. Mukasey states that Dick Cheney's testimony to the FBI is covered by executive privilege.

See how that works? And you must, at the very least, admit that the game of executive privilege is a whole hell of a lot more challenging and entertaining using Commander Guy rules.

Bush's very own 6.0 version of Monopoly is even better.

The GameBoy has no clothes.



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