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62 Times 7

By The Reverend Published: December 20, 2007


Yesterday, Harry Reid (D-NV), as well as other Democratic leaders, spoke about the session of the Congress just ending. 62 times in just this year alone, Republicans have filibustered Democratic attempts to move the nation forward. While I will not apologize for the many moments of Democratic refusal to fight to the political death this obstructionistic one-third-plus-one-plus-presidential-veto minority rule over the last 12 months......there's no question that what Reid says in the following clip is true.....


Today, Thursday, Bush actually agrees with what Harry Reid said yesterday. He says that, yes, he and the minority GOP'ers have been able to obstruct any bills from being passed, whenever these GOP obstructionists wanted to.....


Before Karl Rove left the White House in September, I'm sure he was pleased that his plan for effing up the entire democratic process was succeeding. The very obedient media has barked out whatever words the Decider has wanted them to bark. The Democratically controlled Congress is a "do-nothing" bunch with very low approval ratings. The meme took hold and the GOP'ers, aided by the Villagers, were pleased with the narrative they had constructed.

Of course, truth is an entirely different matter. The "stratergy" of a rotted and dying Republican Party cheered on by an even more rotted and dying mainstream "news" media, has been to obstruct everything Democratic, stonewall any progress through record setting filibuster numbers and then point fingers, like pod people, screeching about how Democrats can't get anything done.

The Republican Party has been holding the nation hostage, not unlike our own CIA blackbaggers holding a family of an alleged "terrorist" hostage to make him talk. Bush, still the leader of the Republican Party, is so proud of how he can show the 70% of the nation, the 70% who simply can't wait for his term to end, how he, a lame duck president, will make himself "relevent" in his waning lame duck days......he'll stay "relevent", by obstructing......he'll stay "relevent" by leading this ongoing national hostage situation.

President George W. Bush keeps saying he is all about spreading freedom and democracy.

He's spreading something......but it doesn't smell like freedom or democracy.



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