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A Class Warfare Election

By The Reverend Published: December 28, 2011

Writing about Mitt Romney in Esquire, the excellent Charles Pierce had this to say....

He (Romney) is really the only true class warrior in the race. He's counting on prejudice and ignorance because he is running in the Republican primaries and that's the coin of the realm. But he's also counting on the desperate dreams of desperate people who want to believe that there is a big bag of money out there that's going to the Wrong People, and that, if someone would only re-direct it, their lives would be better. Well, there is a big bag of money out there, and it is indeed going to the Wrong People, and those would be the people in whose company Willard Romney has spent his entire, cosseted, entitled existence. He has embarked on a divisive campaign of misdirection, hoping against hope that nobody notices that he mortgaged himself to his ambition on an adjustable rate, and that he's underwater on his soul.

From the moment Barack Obama was elected president, that has been the daily message from the right. Lazy, working and non-working Americans sucking on the government teat are the real source of all of America's economic problems. That, and too many restrictions and taxes on all those rich jaaabb creators.

I've always found that curious. Not curious in the sense of not knowing what the right was doing....but curious in the sense of wondering how in the hell the right was going to get away with blaming the victims for Bush's Great Recession and its consequences.

Through Foxian outlets of deception and the 24/7 braying by racist liars on AM propaganda radio, through a compromised and often corrupt Village media totally beholden to the wishes of the top 1%...and even through despicable GOP presidential candidates claiming that one of our problems is that the working poor simply do not pay enough in taxes....Americans have been bombarded with this, "look over there at those irresponsible poor", malarkey for almost four straight years now.

Apparently, Mitt Romney, will feature this "the poor are responsible for our economic problems" message in his upcoming national campaign to oust President Obama.

The largest threat which faced our 1% overlords following the big bank bailouts of 2008 was the threat that Americans would turn against these bankster overlords in a significant way. The prospect of the 1% paying higher taxes to deal with the galactic loss of government revenues in the aftermath of the crash was real. The fear that these banksters, along with the others who make up the 1%, would face the vitriol from an angry American population was real.

But because so many media outlets and so many politicians are nothing other than servants for the top 1%, the pent up rage and frustration of the American people has been kept to a minimum. Instead, Americans were bombarded with the new, yet counterfeit, Tea Party movement. The Tea Party, whether members realized it or not, was used as a foil, a distraction to keep any serious talk of tighter regulations and higher taxes on the 1% from happening. The Tea Party assisted the bankster criminals, and their political servants, in redirecting responsibility for our nation's economic problems onto government. It soon became the government's fault that banksters removed trillions from the economy. A monumental case of Ayn Rand capitalism gone bonkers became the fault of big government socialists and their lazy-ass dependents.

And that's where Romney comes back into the picture. Mitt Romney is the personification of all that's wrong with America during the bankster era. Mitt is the Wall Street candidate. Romney, apparently, plans on campaigning for the presidency by blaming the poor, the elderly, the vulnerable, the outcasts, and the average working men and women of America for the damage done to our economy by a handful of very wealthy controllers. All governmental programs that assist the poor, the elderly, etc. will be endlessly pummeled by candidate Romney....when the truth is that none of that had anything to do with the economic predicament the banksters put the nation into.

It is not an accident that the last 3 years have been marked by lengthy sermons about deficits, entitlements, the "food stamp" president, the lazy-assness of the unemployed, the "unfairness" of taxing the 1% a bit more, the "makers" and the "takers"...and all the rest of it. It is all part of a very concerted effort by our oligarchial overlords to keep the spotlight off of where it belongs....on them.

Americans have had enough time to evaluate the Tea Party servants of the rich. Americans are now more alert to the deceptive and misleading ways of a corrupt media. Americans have seen the results of an extreme right wing element controlling one chamber of Congress. Nevertheless, Mitt Romney, with his rich overlord funding, and in coordination with a Village media hard wired for Republicans...will undoubtedly take their best doubletalk shot throughout the first 10 months of 2012.

As voters, we must be prepared for the tsunami of propaganda, deception and lies that will be upon us very soon.



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