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A Declaration Of War

By The Reverend Published: March 10, 2011

Wisconsin state legislators ended their three weeks of playacting last night by simply telling unionized workers in their state and union workers and supporters nationwide to go f*ck themselves....and have a nice day.

From the beginning of the dispute in Wisconsin over Governor Scott Walker's attempt to end collective bargaining rights for state workers, the governor has sworn that ending union workers' rights to bargain was all about balancing budgets and fixing deficits in his "we're broke" state. All along, the Tea Party darling governor has claimed that taking away janitors, teachers, road maintenance workers, nursing home employees, and teachers' rights to negotiate for wages and benefits was to bring the state budget in balance.

Those, like me, who knew Walker was lying through his teeth, pointed to the facts in Wisconsin. Walker came into office in January with a slight surplus, then quickly passed a bill cutting taxes for corporations which created a small deficit. Even though this small deficit that Walker, himself, created...did not require a "budget repair bill", Walker called for one anyway. In introducing his unnecessary budget repair bill, Walker's sole purpose was to stomp out collective bargaining rights for unionized state workers. From day one of this fight, Walker repeatedly asserted that his reason for ending bargaining rights was to balance Wisconsin's budget. What Walker saw as "our moment".....was all about fiscal matters.

But it never was....about fiscal matters. Never. Last night, Wisconsin's Republican dominated legislature proved that The Reverend has been right all along. The GOP legislature separated the collective bargaining rights portion of their phony budget repair bill out.....claimed that ending collective bargaining rights had nothing to do with fiscal matters.....and therefore, Republicans in the legislature could vote on ending collective bargaining rights without the necessity of a quorum, without the necessity of any senate Democrats being present for the vote.

As you can imagine, all protest-hell is breaking out in the Wisconsin state capitol of Madison....but the evil Rovian deed is done. The GOP servants of the wealthy,....have once again created their own reality....and the nation will, once again, be worse off for it.

An important question came up on last night's Rachel Maddow show over yesterday's Wisconsin speak-with-forked-tongue action. If the Wisconsin Senate has the right to separate the collective bargaining portion of their phony budget repair bill out of the bill and then vote on it without the need of a quorum....why didn't the Wisconsin GOP'ers just do that in the beginning?

Humbly, I have an answer. Tea Party members and their darling candidates, like Walker, have been nothing if they haven't been high on their own ideological bullsh*t. Walker, as he stated in the fake-Koch call, thought that he was winning the public opinion battle over crushing state unions. He told the fake-Koch that although he had thought about sending in outside troublemakers for negative optics value for the workers.....he didn't think that would be necessary because he thought people were getting sick of the protesters and their selfish ways.

Walker, like he has been on almost everything.....was wrong about public opinion. Over the last 7 days, virtually all polling has indicated that Walker was not, you know, winning public opinion, but losing it by close to 60-40. Recall efforts have begun in the last few days and Scotty, rightfully, believed the negative public opinion sh*t was about to hit the fan blades. Distressed over the very real possibility that by this time next year, he and perhaps 8 GOP state senators would no longer be working in least not for the voters.....the Tea Party darling and his 18 Dittoheaded state senators had an epiphany.

By god, eliminating collective bargaining rights doesn't have anything to do with fiscal matters after all....was the epiphany. These dishonest brokers had seen the light.....the light that just might end this public relations nightmare for Republicans. And so a new, now-enlightened band of Tea drinkers hastily called for a vote and quickly got the hell out of Dodge, so to speak.

Make no mistake. This is, to borrow a phrase, a big f*cking deal. What happened in Wisconsin last evening is no less than a declaration of war on all Americans who work for a living. If you think for one moment that these anti-American GOP-types will settle for just stripping away earned assets from state union had better think again. The goal of the new American brown shirts is to reduce all workers wages down to "global economy" size. Chinese and Indian workers are now the models to follow.'s the evil part. All of this is happening....the villifying of people who actually work, the stripping of rights and assets unilaterally, the sickening display of pitting Americans against Americans, the lying and the double-dealing....all of happening for the sole purpose of maintaining, and perhaps lowering even more, tax rates on the filthiest of rich in our once-great nation.

If only there was a hell.



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