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A Divided GOP, John McCain And The Bush Doctrine

By The Reverend Published: January 11, 2008


As Republican voters have looked around at their potential candidates for this November's presidential election, they have been less than satisfied. The Republican Party, during this election cycle, is struggling to find a candidate who will appeal to all the factions traditionally recognized within the party.

Big money likes Mitt Romney. Romney personifies Big money. Big national defense is not quite sure about Romney. Big conservative Christian rejects Romney because of his Mormonism.

Mike Huckabee is embraced by Big conservative Christian....Mike is one of them. Big money and Big national defense hate the guy.

Rudolph 9-11 Giuliani, once liked by Big money AND Big national defense, is now tanking because of.....Big sleaze.

Where to turn? John McCain, Big Straight Talk.

The relevant question here is, how can John McCain get past the objections to his candidacy within his own party?

The first objection is over immigration. John McCain doesn't want to round up the millions of undocumented immigrants already inside America and deport them. In this, McCain agrees with Junior Bush and Karl Rove. Problem types, the ones who put the kibosh to comprehensive immigration legislation, disagree, and they disagree loudly and with venom. Our own Roy's Old Boy is fond of using "Juan" as McCain's new first name in mockery of what Roy considers "amnesty". In this Roy is not alone.

The second problem conservative Republicans have with McCain is over tax cutting. Big money has a problem with John McCain because the Arizona senator didn't always agree with Bush's tax cuts. In this, of course, McCain was trying to be fiscally responsible.....something the Republican Party TALKS quite a bit about, but alas, rarely delivers on. Big money Republicans MUST, the thinking goes, have a candidate, like Junior Bush, who will advance the plight of America's wealthiest.

A third bone of contention conservative Republicans have with John McCain has been his work in the campaign money limiting, bipartisan McCain-Feingold bill. Deeply wise and big-word-using pundits, like the bowtied George Will, simply detest McCain's efforts to rein in out-of-control influencing of elections by.....Big money.

That is my free range evaluation of current Republican factions and how each regards John McCain, the recent winner of the New Hampshire GOP primary.

Having said all that.......I believe at this point that John McCain will become the GOP's candidate this fall. In spite of the various disagreements Republican Party factions have with McCain, I believe the one uniting point for all Republicans, the one Bush/Cheney used so successfully, will win-out again,.......Big Fear.

The question Charlie Gibson asked John McCain at the Saturday night ABC GOP "debate" was whether or not he agreed with the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive wars. This doctrine is new to American foreign policy. Briefly, this doctrine states that America has the right to attack other sovereign countries EVEN if those countries do not empirically pose a threat to the United States, as was in the case of Iraq.

In this Bush Doctrine the only threshold for attacking other sovereign countries who haven't attacked us, is PERCEPTION. If our leaders perceive, believe, think, or imagine.....that another country should be attacked or invaded for "national security" reasons.....then we invade. Bush....and McCain fully endorse this new foreign policy of pre-emptive wars. As Ron Paul rightly and critically stated in this same debate..."we start the wars now."

John McCain goes on to say that because Junior Bush launched this new foreign policy on Iraq, America is now "safer". According to the Arizona senator, Bush deserves "credit" for making us "safer" through invading and occupying, in an act of pre-emptive war, the former sovereign country of Iraq.

McCain agrees with the doctrine which has resulted in the killing of some 200,000 Iraqis and some 4000 American soldiers. He believes Americans should give Junior Bush "credit" for all that bloodshed. John McCain agrees with the doctrine, made real with Iraq, which has directly led to the recruitment of many, many more Islamic young men and women who want to hurt America and kill Americans. McCain believes that outcome, somehow, made America "safer". Mr. Straight Talker agrees with Junior's pre-emptive war doctrine even though the actualization of it inside Iraq has turned the world's countries against us. The soon-to-be-GOP-candidate agrees with all of it.

Even though the GOP has been struggling with fragmentation within it's own party making it difficult for Republicans to settle on a specific candidate, the choice I believe they will finally make will be.......George W. Bush. No, his name won't be on any ballots, but his unAmerican Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive war will be represented fully in the person of John McCain.

The one issue Big money, Big national defense and Big conservative Christian can agree on.....can rally around, is.....Big Fear.



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