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A GOP'er And A Poor Man Go Up To Pray

By The Reverend Published: October 6, 2007


Paul Krugman....

What's happening, presumably, is that modern movement conservatism attracts a certain personality type. If you identify with the downtrodden, even a little, you don't belong. If you think ridicule is an appropriate response to other peoples' woes, you fit right in.

And Republican disillusionment with Mr. Bush does not appear to signal any change in that regard. On the contrary, the leading candidates for the Republican nomination have gone out of their way to condemn "socialism," which is G.O.P.-speak for any attempt to help the less fortunate. Link

A rich church leader and a poor man went up to the temple to pray. While the poor man couldn't even lift his head up, he felt so bad about his condition....the church leader looked over at the poor man and said in effect, "Thank God I'm not like that poor guy over there, he's pathetic", as he droned on praising, really,.....himself.

Is it even necessary anymore to point out which of the two resembles todays' Republican Party leaders?

And the sick and sad irony is that the "church people" continue to support the Republican Party because it reflects their "traditional moral values".

Read Krugman's short's spot on. And he has an oldie but a goodie from Ronald McDonald.



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