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"A Noun, A Verb & Joe The Plumber"

By The Reverend Published: October 24, 2008

The one consistent theme of John McCain's campaign has been the stunts. The Arizona senator hasn't had a consistent recognizable message his entire campaign.....but the stunts.....have been recognizable everywhere.

It all started with the hasty choice of Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. You might find this interesting....

On Sunday, Aug. 24, the group reviewed names that had been bandied about in the past: Gov. Tim Pawlenty (of Minnesota) and Gov. Charlie Christ (of Florida); the former governors Tom Ridge (Pennsylvania) and Mitt Romney (Massachusetts); Senator Joe Lieberman (Connecticut); and Mayor Michael Bloomberg (New York). From a branding standpoint, they wondered, what message would each of these candidates send about John McCain? McInturff’s polling data suggested that none of these candidates brought significantly more to the ticket than any other.

“What about Sarah Palin?” Schmidt asked. (Steve Schmidt is the Karl Rove disciple)

After that first brief meeting, Davis remained in discreet but frequent contact with Palin and her staff — gathering tapes of speeches and interviews, as he was doing with all potential vice-presidential candidates. One tape in particular struck Davis as arresting: an interview with Palin and Gov. Janet Napolitano, the Arizona Democrat, on “The Charlie Rose Show” that was shown in October 2007. Reviewing the tape, it didn’t concern Davis that Palin seemed out of her depth on health-care issues or that, when asked to name her favorite candidate among the Republican field, she said, “I’m undecided.” What he liked was how she stuck to her pet issues — energy independence and ethics reform — and thereby refused to let Rose manage the interview. This was the case throughout all of the Palin footage. Consistency. Confidence. And . . . well, look at her. A friend had said to Davis: “The way you pick a vice president is, you get a frame of Time magazine, and you put the pictures of the people in that frame. You look at who fits that frame best — that’s your V. P.” Link

As I said, the Palin pick was a stunt.

Then came the one day postponement of the Republican National Convention because of a heavy rainstorm along the Gulf Coast. A needless and obvious stunt, that, frankly, went over like a lead balloon. At McCain's convention there was even a stunt within a stunt witnessed in the "Drill, Baby, Drill" mindless and ignorant GOP delegate response to high gasoline prices.

This was followed by the, approximately, 10 day McCain-Palin lying stunt. The childish and silly "thanks, but no the bridge to nowhere" fabrication. The Palin-is-a maverick-reformer nonsense. The media finally called out the GOP duo about the lies.

Then came the Mighty Mouse fly-in stunt when McCain "suspended" his campaign in order to rush in and save the economic day.....only he didn't. Republican House members, presumably the very people McCain came to D.C. to rally in support of the "rescue" package....voted it down at first. McCain left Washington before the rescue bill was passed.

At the last debate....the current running McCain stunt was launched. 21 times in that debate John McCain referred to Joe the Plumber.....Maverick-Man's new stunt-man. Very little of anything in McCain's account of Joe proved to be true. But with's all in the perception. McCain could have cared less if the Joe story was truth or fiction. McCain didn't concern himself with the fact that the story actually vindicated Barack Obama's tax plan rather than his own.

Olbermann's line..."You made a story out of his question", is exactly right.

Here's the Obama-Joe the Plumber question and answer in it's entirety.

Today, McCain and Palin are launching an 11 day "Joe the Plumber" mini-tour to close out their campaign. Un-freaking-believable, I know...but the GOP duo simply have nowhere else to go. The Republican ticket is down by double digits as of today and the electoral college count sure looks like a landslide to me. Apparently, McCain has decided to go out as he came for a dime stunt, in for a dollar stunt, I guess.

Almost forgot one of the biggest stunts of all....ACORN and alleged voter fraud. Just look how far the hooked-on-stunts GOP'ers will go...

Guadalupe Bojorquez, who works in law enforcement in Albuquerque, told TPMmuckraker today that her mother, Dora Escobedo, was one of the ten voters whose names were released by the GOP. After this happened, said Bojorquez, her mother had been contacted by the voter registration group ACORN. Bojorquez, with ACORN's help, confirmed with the county clerk that her mother, who does not speak English, is indeed eligible to vote, and had been when she voted in June.

Nonetheless, Bojorquez said that her mother yesterday received a visit from a man who asked for her personal information, including an ID, in reference to her eligibility to vote. Bojorquez told TPMmuckraker that according to her mother, at one point the man asked what she would do if immigration authorities contacted her. Link

Allow me.

Stunts will stunt the growth of the Republican Party come November The Dick might put it, "bigtime."



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