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A Review + Specter's Knee Padder Moment

By The Reverend Published: January 16, 2009

A brief review....

Since November 4th, last, the small group of Republicans left in Congress, their corporate media lapdogs leashed up tight, have gone about, non-stop, trying to diminish, discredit, and in some cases, delegitimize Obama's presidency and his larger Democratic majority in Congress.

It's been Governor Blago for weeks. The subliminal Sesame Street words each day have been "taint" and "dog", not-so-coyly suggesting that it was Obama who was tainted and would be dogged by reporters insisting he was....tainted. Simultaneously, came the rabid, mouthbreathing attempts to get the Supreme Court to rule that Obama was not really an American citizen and shouldn't be president, even though he won by nearly 10 million votes.

After the Hillary announcement for Sec. of State, it became balls-to-the-wall coverage of how she would run a parallel government, if confirmed. It would be too threatening for Obama...and then there's, you know, Bill. How would Obama guarantee that Bill would not have an erection during Hillary's stay at State? What would Obama do if Bill did, accidently or on purpose, sprout wood while he was carrying out his international charitable blackbag fund raising operations? Usual-establishment-suspects wrung their hands raw while speculating. Make your own mental pun....or perhaps not.

These are the same people, by the way, who automatically begin to clutch their pearls whenever a Democratic president is elected. These are the same people who told us for months on end that, "Obama has big trouble with white voters, Hillary voters, Pennsylvania voters, non-blues loving voters, midget voters, incest-victim voters, A-B positive blood voters, Bradley-effect denying voters and dead Appalachian voters."

Then came the "Obama is a centrist, almost conservative", horsepucky, after the president-elect kept Gates at Defense and invited Saddle-bareback, Rick Warren to offer a symbolic prayer at the inauguration. "The most liberal senator in the Senate", "a liberal's liberal", "a socialist", "a black liberation-theology Marxist".....suddenly, and without warning or explanation....became a conservative centrist who realized that the nation was, in actuality, center-right.

Recently it's been brilliance-in-news-porn with tremendously responsible articles like, "What would Dick do?".....instructing Obama on how he will have to keep some of The Dick's criminal policies on national and international activities...alive and well....if Americans are going to be kept, you know, safe.

Yesterday, at Eric Holder's confirmation hearings to become Attorney General, there was a brief case study moment on how the corrupt game between, primarily, conservative politicians, and establishment media lapdogs....really works....the warp and woof, if you will....

For several weeks, Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) has been feuding with Patrick Leahy (D-VT) about when Holder's confirmation hearings would be scheduled. Specter wanted a delay, and began suggesting that there were a lot of unanswered questions about Holder, including the Marc Rich pardon, the Elian Gonzalez saga, and other real old stuff that nobody cares about anymore....except for obstructionist-minded Republicans and their Knee Pad Media partners.

Politico, Knee Pad Extraordinaire Blogsite, led the way, starting December 10th....

Specter, a former prosecutor himself, said he was troubled that Holder did not stand up to President Clinton on the pardon of Rich, who was a fugitive living abroad at the time of the pardon.

...the Judiciary Committee Republicans are going to have a field day with the Rich pardon.

Following Specter's pulling of the Knee Padders chains about Holder early on in December, Padders went forward everywhere echoing Specter's deep and serious concerns.

Which led to Specter's comments at Holder's hearing yesterday....completing the Knee Pad Circle....

"Almost every major newspaper in the country has comment about the importance of questioning Mr. Holder. And as I said on the floor, I have an open mind but I think there are important questions to be asked and upon the questions to be answered.
The editorials have commented about the need for the questioning of Mr. Holder based upon some of the factors in his background. There's no doubt he comes with an excellent resume, but there are questions nonetheless. So says the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Philadelphia Enquirer, the Rocky Mountain News, and many other newspapers across the country." Link

The same lapdog, Knee Pad wearing, GOP appendages in the media who have been feverishly trying to discredit, smear, taint, and delegitimize Obama for months.....have their chains pulled by Arlen Specter, motivating them to stenographically repeat Specter's implications about Holder in newspaper columns and teevee news shows everywhere....resulting in Specter referring to those same Knee Pad pieces as the basis for why he has to be an asshole, challenging Holder as a matter of 'principle'.

A clearer example of how it all works couldn't be found. Republicans can't govern.....journalists can't report news.....but together they can mislead, manipulate, obstruct and propagandize with the best of them.



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