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A Risk To Whom?

By The Reverend Published: August 1, 2008

The John McCain campaign, the Republican Party and the main media lackeys who serve them both, sensing the tremors of a possible Barack Obama avalanche win in November, have begun playing the political game of "risk". Obama, to hear his critics, is simply too risky to be elected president.

The Reverend wants to go on the record today in total agreement with this conservative scare tactic.

If American voters put Barack Obama in the White House, some Americans will be placed at risk.

The question then becomes: Who will be placed at risk with an Obama presidency and why?

Let's start with mainstream Knee Pad Media. Already I hear the complaining and the whining from those establishment loving servicers of power. They're complaining about access to Obama. Those in media who have been hand fed all those little lies and deceptions by the Bush regime, which they obediently and stenographically passed on to all of us as truth, will be at risk with an Obama presidency.

With an Obama presidency, these same Knee Pad Agents will actually have to come up with their own reporting instead of just repeating the White House's deception-filled storyline. That situation would, indeed, be risky for many Knee Pad Media members. Many of these Padders have never done any journalistic work in their lives, others think eating jelly donuts in the back of McCain's Crooked Talk Express IS it will be risky for these birds who have become so dependent on the establishment hand that feeds them daily.

Not to mention the cocktail parties where Knee Padders have been used to performing, like circus bears, as backup dancers for unindicted White House co-conspirators.

A second reason why Knee Pad Media Agents for the Status Quo(KPMASQ) will be placed at risk with an Obama presidency is the "show me the money" reason. Many of the media stars we see on our teevee, hear on our radios and read in our newspapers and magazines are millionaires. Barack Obama has promised to eliminate Bush tax cuts on those Americans making more than $200K per year. A PHD in mathematics is not required in order to compute the riskiness of an Obama presidency to these overpaid hacks masquerading as "journalists". Those in media making a million or more will have to pay an additional $91K in taxes per year if Obama has his way in the White House. That's a risk that millionaire Knee Padders simply can't take. Buffy or Biffy Padder would have to forego their annual new Mercedes purchase. Talk about risk.

No institution or group in America will be more at risk with a Barack Obama presidency than the "complex". This complex used to be called the military-industrial complex back in the day.....however, today, it's more appropriate to just call it the "complex". This "complex" is made up of all those corporations who have benefitted so greatly with the Bush-Cheney Salvation Army for Already Flush Corporations (SAAFC). Some in this group are the same folks who bribe congressional representatives to get what they want.

This "complex" now consists of telcos(home of the Knee Padders), oil, defense contractors, pharmaceuticals, Wall Street paper shufflers, and others. Obama's stated policies would be a big risk for these behemoths of greed. Ending illegal wars of choice, closing the Enron loophole, ending Bush and The Dick's tax cuts for the wealthiest, regulating the paper shufflers and the schemers.....would all be a huge risk for complex members.

Two quick examples of how the complex has benefitted from the George and Dick administration, and why Obama would be a risk to that same complex.

1) Medicare Plan D.

While I must admit, some non-complex Americans have benfitted from the donut-hole filled scam called Medicare Plan D, at the same time, the biggest beneficiary of Plan D was the pharmaceutical industry. Recently it was announced (quietly, naturally) that the phamaceutical complex "earned" $15 billion MORE from Plan D than they would have made under the previous system. The largesse was created, purposely, by moving discounted drug recipients on Medicaid to the new, non-discounted Medicare plan. Under an Obama presidency, Plan D pharmaceutical companies will be subject to government-negotiated bulk-purchasing. Barack Obama in the White House would place those undeserved gains by drug makers at risk.

2) Capital Gains Tax Rates.

A prime example of how the "complex" greatly benefitted from the non-risky Bush presidency is The Dick's capital gains tax cuts. The Dick told Paul O'Neil, former Bush Treasury head, that it was the Republicans "due" to cut capital gains tax rates. The Dick's "due" reduced already deep pocketed complex members rates of taxation below what most middle class Americans pay, while at the same time increasing the national debt. The complex didn't see any of this as risky. However, a Barack Obama presidency will be extremely risky for those .1% filthy rich Dicks who have grown accustomed to getting richer while the bulk of America's workers become poorer. Obama has promised to return the capital gains tax rates to what they were during our last period of NATIONAL prosperity, Bill Clinton's presidency.

So yes, a Barack Obama presidency would be risky. No doubt. An Obama presidency would not be risky for most Americans. But for that tiny minority in America who pull the strings of power, an Obama presidency, indeed, will be risky business.

Finally, here's Obama's shorter version of the risk factor.....

"'He's risky' -- that's the argument... It's like, 'Well, we don't have very much to offer but he's risky.' And let me just say, it's true that change, change is hard. Change isn't easy. And the question you have to ask yourself is, 'What's more risky?’”

He added, "We are in a time right now where it is too risky not to change. It is risky to keep on doing what we are doing, to accept the tired status quo." Link



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