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A Steaming Pile Of The Village

By The Reverend Published: July 16, 2009

The Washington Post's David Ignatius is a personal case study in what's wrong down in the Village. Again the AB Journal gives Ignatius top billing on it's op-ed page....and again, Ignatius lays down the isolated and rotted Village mindset.

If the U.S. federal government, according to Ignatius, holds it's agencies, like the CIA, accountable for it's actions.....then "other countries" who might otherwise "admire America's committment to democracy and the rule of law" would simply "conclude that we are all plain nuts."

That's what Mr. Village says. If the powerful people in our federal agencies are held accountable for their actions, then America has lost it's collective mind.

Ignatius, admittedly, has a hard time understanding what could be wrong with a vice-president ordering CIA officials to withhold super-secret intelligence programs from Congress, in defiance of existing law. It's just too, too difficult for elected officials to obey the law these days, and naturally with Ignatius, any considerations of investigating or prosecuting high-level conservatives in the Village would only be a cause for group fainting.

Right off the Village bat, Ignatius has it all pegged....

"The latest ''scandals'' involving the Central Intelligence Agency are genuinely hard to understand, other than in terms of political payback."

Yep,'s all just too "hard to understand". Too hard to understand for anyone. If Villager Dave doesn't understand those "scandals" because they're just too hard to follow, how could a judge or jury or commission understand...let alone those poor ignorant Americans out there.

It''s just gotta' be "political payback." Big Village Dave, like Fox's Bill O'Reilly, is just looking out for the little guy who finds all this stuff "hard to understand", and in the case of Dick Cheney's capture and control of the CIA during the Terror years.......

It would be impossible to prove ''criminal intent'' for CIA interrogators who operated within the framework of the Justice Department's guidance.

There you have it. The Village has spoken.

Ignatius flaunts his Village citizenry. In Village thinking, the Bush Justice Department COULDN'T have done anything illegal or wrong. If Bush and Cheney cherry-picked John Yoo out of the Justice Department, didn't tell his superiors, and ordered him to write torture memoes in direct violation of existing American Ignatius, that's standard conservative operating procedure.

Why has Ignatius gone all Peak-Village right now?

Attorney General Eric Holder is considering appointing a prosecutor to investigate criminal actions by CIA officers involved in the harsh interrogation of al-Qaida prisoners. But the internal CIA report on which he's said to be basing this decision was referred five years ago to the Justice Department, where attorneys concluded that no prosecution was warranted.

Obama doesn't want an investigation, and Bush/Cheney sure as hell don't want one....and the Village doesn't want one. But Holder, confronted by the egregious nature of recent evidence pointing to numerous national and international war crimes ordered by the Bush administration, is "considering appointing a prosecutor." The nerve of the Attorney General, huh?

Notice Village Dave's thinking. Holder is considering appointing an investigator to look into how the torture memos the Bush Justice Department "legalized" were implemented.....but Ignatius concludes that the Bush Justice Department already looked into those complaints and concluded that no wrongdoing happened. Well, that settles it then, right?

Today in Villageland, holding any conservatives in power to account is simply "gotcha" politics....

President Obama has tried to end this ''gotcha'' culture....

Try that one out on a local judge or law enforcement representative....."Judge, don't you want to look forward and not backward? Any attempt by you, Judge, to hold me accountable for breaking the law would just be some vindictive payback on your part, Judge. Just more silly "gotcha" politics."

Summarizing.....I often blog about today's corporate "journalists", labeling them the Knee Pad Media, or the Village. David Ignatius' piece today encapsulates the ethos of that Village. If conservatives are in power, according to Villager David Ignatius, those conservatives are above the law and can never be prosecuted, or even investigated, for anything they did while in office. That's the given. Any attempts to go against this given are only and always "political payback" and "gotcha" politics by non-conservatives.

If Democrats are in power, then the Village rules are entirely different. If Democrats are in power, then fibbing about fellatio is a horrendous national threat that demands a $50 million, multiple-year investigation and a teevee sham spectacle of a prosecution.

Here'a an excellent takedown of the Village on this same topic.

Village regular, Roger Cressey, tells the new and obnoxious MSNBC dumbass anchor, Dylan Ratigan, that those Democrats who want to investigate law breaking are "stupid and foolish...."



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