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A Tea Party Divided

By The Reverend Published: March 16, 2010

I've had some fun with the Tea Party.....phenomenon, crazies, movement, astroturf, racist reactionaries....whatever you want to call it.

But can a Tea Party divided .....successfully brew Tea? If some Partiers don't want others to join the...Party.....because they aren't Partying hearty enough...or have the wrong Party costumes....or are not sufficiently supportive of the old way of know, the Grand Old Party....won't the Partiers simply be dismissed by voters like they would a used Tea Bag?

Lots of questions.

It was only a matter of time before those rascally liberals started brewing up what Clapton's old Cream band would call "Strange."

Is there a fake tea party brewing in Nevada? Tea partiers who have declared Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) public enemy No. 1 sure seem to think so.

The Tea Party of Nevada formed an official third party in the Silver State, with candidate Jon Ashjian hoping to defeat Reid. But tea party groups that oppose becoming official third parties cried foul. Some conservatives have even accused Ashjian of being a front for Reid supporters who hope to dilute the Republican and tea party votes in the fall.

"fake tea party"......that's a good one in so many ways.

But on a more serious note....How long before Harry Reid starts presiding over the Senate dressed as a Lipton Tea Bag?

How long before the art of hanging Tea Bags from your hat gives way to Tea Bag Fights accompanied by a soundtrack entitled, "Everybody was Tea Bag Fighting"? (Kung Fu Fighting)

Twenty of Nevada's self-proclaimed "grassroots tea party groups" signed a statement denouncing the Tea Party of Nevada. The groups issued a blanket ban, saying the third party won't be invited to or welcome at any grassroots events in the state.


"It has recently come to our attention that an email is circulating referring to the newly established liberal-funded Tea Party of Nevada as TPN. This email repeatedly disparages the Tea Party group using the acronym TPN," Tea Party Nation organizers wrote members in an email, obtained by TPMDC as a member of the mailing list.

Excuse me while I go laugh my ass off.



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