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A Twofer In Ohio: GOP Wars Against Women & Science

By The Reverend Published: August 20, 2013

After the 2010 midterm win by Republicans, GOP governors conspired together to implement a scorched-earth policy against women and their legal rights. If you think multiple Republican-controlled state governments each came up with their own individual plan to wage war against female autonomy.....and the various red state war-on-women plans all just happened, coincidentally, to contain the same, or similar, need to think again.

Women in the United States, and particularly women in GOP-controlled states, are being attacked by their state governments. Yes, it's a war......and Republicans have declared it by working to deny women their right to choose their own reproductive lives. The political party which boasts the most about "freedom" the same political party passing state laws to eliminate the freedom of state citizens who happen to be female.

The Beacon editors mention today the efforts of GOP state lawmakers to pass an already-ruled-unconstitutional new law called the "heartbeat" law in an attempt to stop all abortions in the state.

My focus today, howevr,  is on "crisis pregnancy centers." As you know, Planned Parenthood has been placed on the GOP's most-wanted list.....part of the GOP conspiracy being to shutter Planned Parenthood altogether if possible. In Ohio, the GOP conspiracists against women's freedom and autonomy "reprioritized" state spending on Planned Parenthood, deciding to funnel the $2 million state subsidy Ohio previously gave out to Planned Parenthood to "crisis pregnancy centers" instead.

Now, this is where the GOP war on women's freedom merges with the GOP war on science to create a peak-winger stormfront of very threatening weather for Ohio women......

Have you ever seen advertisements that read "Pregnant? Scared?" or offer free pregnancy tests? Those are marketing tactics by anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) aimed at luring women through their doors in order to deceive and shame them out of choosing abortion.

NARAL did a study of "crisis pregnancy centers" in Virginia, also a GOP war on women state....and found that crisis pregnancy center personnel simply lie to women who come to their centers. Four lies repeatedly told to women who are "counseled" at a crisis pregnancy center are.....

1) Abortion causes breast cancer.

2) Abortion will ruin your chances to have children in the future.

3) Abortion is extremely dangerous.

4) Having an abortion will ruin your life.

None of those claims are factual or are based on scientific findings.

Ohio Republicans thought it would be a great idea to defund Planned Parenthood....a respected and trusted women's reproductive health center that serves100,000 poorer Ohio women from a scientific as well as legal point of reference.....and redistribute what used to be the money Ohio sent to Planned Parenthood, instead, to "crisis pregnancy centers" where women are misled, lied to and humiliated for purely conservative ideological reasons?

I don't know this for sure, but perhaps even many Republicans in Ohio who are anti-choice don't favor Ohio women "in crisis" being fed a string of lies as part of a larger plan to deter women from seeking an abortion. Perhaps not.

What I do know for sure is that state elected officials wrapped up in their own self-righteousness, who conspire with other like-minded state officials not only to prevent and deter a woman from exercising her full legal right to choose without government meddling BUT also to deceive and misinform those women about scientific evidence.......need to be voted out of office post-haste.

In one year, Ohio voters will be going to the polls to choose representatives to.....umm....represent them. Governor John Kasich, the little man who signed the war on women and war on science bills is up for re-election in well as state representatives and state senators.

Ohio voters need to start thinking now about what kind of state they want to live in. Do voters really want a state where elected officials conspire, almost cult like, to prevent, deter, and/or deny females in Ohio their legal rights?

If the answer is...yes. Do those voters who are willing to purposely dry-up access to abortion in the state really want their elected officials to redistribute state tax monies to "crisis pregnancy centers" where Ohio women are systematically lied to about scientific findings in order to deceive, confuse and shame those women from choosing abortion?

If the answer the next step seems transparently clear. Determine right now not to send even one Republican back to Columbus. And that includes the little man who signed all those war on workers, war on women and anti-science bills into law.



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