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A Word To Those 55 Or Older

By The Reverend Published: September 7, 2012

This seems counter intuitive to me....

Seniors prefer Romney over Obama, 49 percent to 41 percent, but most voters prefer Obama on issues affecting seniors, 46 percent to 34 percent.

Middle class white male Tea Partiers preferring Romney? I get that. Millionaire retirees for Romney? I get that. But seniors for Romney? I don't get that.

American seniors should not prefer, nor vote for, the Romney-Ryan ticket. The R&R truth-challenged team is seeking to pit seniors against their own family members....and that's not cool. If you are a senior, or over 55 and are planning on voting for Romney, let me explain to you why you shouldn't....

The Republican Party's national platform plank ending Medicare as we have known it....

“The first step is to move the two programs [Medicare and Medicaid] away from their current unsustainable defined-benefit entitlement model to a fiscally sound defined-contribution model,” the draft platform reads. “While retaining the option of traditional Medicare in competition with private plans, we call for a transition to a premium-support model for Medicare, with an income-adjusted contribution toward a health plan of the enrollee’s choice. This model will include private health insurance plans that provide catastrophic protection, to ensure the continuation of doctor-patient relationships.”

If you are over 55 years old, the Romney plan informs us that you will continue to have access to traditional Medicare as we have known it. If you are under 55 years old, the Romney plan says that traditional Medicare will still be an option, but just one of many options.

If you are 55 years or older, traditional Medicare provides defined-medical benefits. Seniors under Medicare know what Medicare will cover, what it will cost out of pocket and what won't be covered. Under Romney's new Couponcare remake of traditional Medicare, if you are under 55 years old, no matter what you choose as your option, traditional Medicare or a private insurance plan.....the government will only promise a defined-contribution, not defined-benefits. That's a huge change that most definitely will affect the children and grandchildren of those currently 55 or older.

Clear distinctions: Romney's plan defines the government contribution for senior medical insurance, sends Coupons out to seniors to purchase that medical insurance, and leaves the seniors to pick up the difference out of pocket as medical insurance costs outpace the .5% allowable yearly increase under Couponcare. This plan is projected to cost seniors in 2050 an additional $6000 out of pocket for the same Medicare insurance coverage today's seniors enjoy.

The burden, the sacrifice under Romney's Medicare remake is placed on seniors.

Obama's plan is to maintain traditional Medicare as a defined-benefit program. Medical benefits are clearly defined and available to all Medicare beneficiaries. Obama saves money to extend the solvency of Medicare by 8 cutting payments to medical providers, not seniors. For-profit Medicare Advantage, a parasite feeding off of Medicare, is cut under ObamaCare. Hospital reimbursement costs are cut under Obamacare ........but defined medical benefits to seniors are NOT cut.

The burden or sacrifice under Obamacare, if there really is one, is placed on for-profit insurance companies and highly-profitable medical providers. The end game is lower medical costs.....because it is not Medicare that is the is national medical care costs.

If you are currently 55 or older.....why would you want your children and/or grandchildren to have to pay significantly more for their future senior medical insurance than you do today? Unlike ObamaCare, Couponcare has no mechanism to keep future medical costs (the actual problem) in check....which will guarantee that your children and grandchildren will pay more and more each year for their senior medical insurance and receive less and less in medical benefits.

If you are 55 or older right now.....why would you wish that future on your children and grandchildren?

And if that isn't convincing enough......or if your response is "deficits and/or debt".....realize that under a president Romney, any and all cost savings from CouponCare implementation will go to give millionaires and billionaires another huge tax cut. That is a fact.

So, for seniors to favor voting for Romney equates into seniors voting against their own children and grandchildren's futures. For those 55 and older to prefer Romney over Obama equates to those 55 and older preferring taking medical benefits from their own children and grandchildren and giving the "savings" to already wildly-wealthy rich Americans.

One question remains: Why would a person 55 or older want to do that to their own family members?




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