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AB Journal Editorial Joins The Wingnut Pile-on Campaign

By The Reverend Published: September 12, 2007


One of today's Beacon Journal editorial pieces is in dire need of The Reverend's attention. Entitled, " and the B-word", it demonstrates to the letter what I've been saying all along about how very, very serious Main Stream Media people are. Read MoveOn's piece here.

Immediately following the appearance of MoveOn's NY Times piece asking whether General Petraeus, Bush's current military mouthpiece, would betray the country for the sake of Bush's ego by suggesting the "surge" was working and that we just needed to "stay the course" of said "surge", the wingnut right went into full blitz mode.

Now the Beacon jumps on the wingnut pile doing their best to try to make MoveOn the issue, rather than Petraeus' deceptive testimony and Bush's despicable war of choice.

What's the

bitch complaint? MoveOn had the audacity to use the question, "General Petraeus or General Betray us? Cooking the books for the White House?" (gasp) in the headline of the article.

The Beacon's editorial writer says this about MoveOn's choice of headline.....

Use the word ''betray,'' and you suggest far more than a man who is overly optimistic or captured by an illusion. You suggest something dark and sinister at work.

First let me say this. There IS something "dark and sinister" at work. There has been something "dark and sinister" at work for over 6 years. Of course, the Beacon can't tell us anything about it, probably because they are way too serious to engage in truth telling, especially if those "dark and sinister" truths are exuding out of the GOP White House.

Of course, Petraeus IS more than an overly optimistic man, and indeed, there IS more at work than simply a disagreement about numbers. The Beacon should know this. Petraeus was specifically selected by Bush because he was a company man, he quickly became Bush's enabler. Someone the American people could not trust to be objective.

As Glenn Greenwald points out here and here and as The Reverend pointed out just yesterday with my Brit Hume mockery piece....Petreaus is simply a tool of the White House. Why else would he give an exclusive to FOX teevee Monday night after his appearance in the House?

That's why when I read this in todays' Beacon editorial, I immediately wondered if the Beacon had received a fresh supply of knee protectors recently...

Heap criticism on the general for his judgment. Nothing he has done invites questions about his integrity.

It's just the opposite. In preparing for this media/propaganda extravaganza, and in his misuse and cherry picking of data(sound familiar?, Hellooo...Beacon), Petraeus has done much to discredit his own integrity. And when was it that "judgment" could be separated from "integrity" so easily?

But that's not what the Beacon writer was really after. Here's the Beacon's target...

In its heavy-handed way, has forfeited the essential element of persuasiveness. It has engaged in unhelpful name-calling. Democrats asked about the ad haven't acquitted themselves well, either. Rather than having the spine to criticize a powerful interest group, they have wobbled.

Would that be the same way that the Republican slime machine lost their persuasiveness when for 6 straight years dissent was, and still is, responded to by the oh-so-persuasive "terrorist lovers" and "those who embolden the enemy" and the charming "Defeatocrats"? And I'm talking about GOP elected officials here, not simply an advocacy group. Add to that the oh-so-persuasive, but not heavy-handed ways(oh, no) of the Knee Pad first stringers at FOX and elsewhere and what you come away with from the Beacon editorial is the understanding of why it is America can't get out of the mess we've allowed Bush to put us in.

And Jesus, Joseph and Mary....."unhelpful name-calling" much more credibility does the Beacon editorial staff want to lose? Get your schoolmarm ruler out and smack bad, bad, MoveOn's knuckles. Namecalling is exactly what's needed now.

There are people dying and they are dying because a bunch of neo-conservative maniacs decided they could use the MSM to help sideline any opposition to their imperialistic desires. And guess what tactic was used to sideline any dissent? Freaking "name-calling". And guess who collapsed like a bunch of weak, timid, sissies under the weight of the threats coming from these same neo-con criminals? That's right, the Knee Pad wearing media. The same media who bears a portion of the responsibility for America being in Iraq today.

Markos Moulitas from DailyKos appeared on Hardball Monday and told Chris Matthews, of the Knee Pad Matthews, how out of sync and silly looking Chris and others who were complaining about the MoveOn ad were looking to Americans who by a 63% margin want us out of Iraq. The "others' now include the Beacon editorial team.

Paraphrasing Markos....'kind of odd that when the topic this week is about whether to continue killing Americans and Iraqis, and how long the killing would go on and when we could expect an end to all of it.....that MoveOn and an ad became a central talking point. Beltway thinking.'

And then to top off the Beacon's terribly biased piece, the writer ends with this....

John McCain called the ad a ''McCarthyite attack.'' If the senator overreached, it wasn't by much.

McCain, himself, sang Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. There's some seriousness for ya'. McCain, imitating, I guess, a crazy person, blasted Romney recently in a debate, for saying "I think the surge is working". McCain shouted "the surge is absolutely working", even though his presidential campaign is not.

But to the Beacon Journal, McCain's "McCarthyite attack" comment directed at MoveOn for suggesting another handpicked White House military sycophant was cooking the books to keep Bush from leaving a totally disastrous legacy.....was ever-so-close to being accurate.

Now I don't blame McCain and the GOP neo-con warmongers for trying to change the subject to MoveOn. These neo-cons and Rubber Stampers have been wrong about EVERYTHING and their Great and Glorious War to Kill Muslims is an utterly miserable failure and a disgrace to our nation. A disgrace that will take decades to undo, if it ever can be.

However, editorials like today's Beacon deserve only one response ....mockery. There's NO reason for the Beacon to pile on with the neo-cons and warmongers....unless of course, the Beacon still supports those warmongering neo-cons. If that's the case ....just say so.

I know that using mockery is not as serious as the Beacon's method of editorial writing...but who cares?



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