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AB Journal Failing Its Readers

By The Reverend Published: April 23, 2011

Making mistakes is human. Deception is another issue altogether.

This morning's Akron Beacon Journal front page headline blares....
"Partisan ideas could clash on ballot." The article is authored by Julie Carr Smyth of the Associated Press....and it starts out this way....

Voters in Ohio could get a chance this fall to weigh in on two divisive new laws: the federal health insurance overhaul Democrats backed in Washington and collective-bargaining restrictions Republicans backed in Columbus.

The author then proceeds to tell her readers how these two state initiatives are equivalent. See...Republicans have a ballot initiative and Democrats have an initiative. Just another he-said-he-said equivalency controversy.

The AP writer....and of course the Beacon editorial staff.....whether biased, lazy, uninformed, or all three.....are doing their readers a disservice.

The Ohio state initiative to place the new controversial and unpopular SB5 legislation on the ballot this fall is not, in any way, equivalent to any attempt by Republicans to place an initiative on the fall ballot seeking to "block provisions of the federal law that require individuals and companies to choose certain health insurance carriers."

The one is not like the all.

Voters in Ohio have the legal right to gather signatures in an attempt to overturn a state law with which they disagree.

Opponents of collective-bargaining reform passed by Republican lawmakers and signed into law by Gov. John Kasich have been given the green light to collect signatures to repeal the law.

Secretary of State Jon Husted certified the initial signatures submitted by the group We Are Ohio, and Attorney General Mike DeWine approved the language contained in the shorter of two petitions submitted to his office to review.

The approvals from the two Republican officeholders were needed before We Are Ohio could circulate its petitions. The group will need to collect more than 231,000 signatures from registered voters throughout the state before the end of June to qualify for the November ballot.

When the SB5 rejection referendum is placed on the ballot this fall and voters vote to reject the unpopular union busting legislation.......the new law will not be implemented and Ohio will be back to square one.

The same is NOT true of the Republican theatrical production masquerading as a referendum of rejection in Ohio directed against what has become known as ObamaCare. If Ohio voteres would happen to vote their majority disapproval of ObamaCare this November....nothing regarding the implementation of the federal health reform bill will stop or be changed.

The reason is because states cannot overturn federal referendum or by any other method. A piece of information that the AP writer failed to include in her quest for equivalency article. States can challenge federal laws in court.....and sadly, Ohio is one of over 25 states which have signed on to just such a challenge to ObamaCare. But a state's voters, a state's governor, or a state's legislature CANNOT overrule or nullify a federal law passed by Congress and signed by the president.

Federal laws are not subject to a popular vote. Americans vote for federal representation in Congress and in the executive branch. Representatives in our federal Congress write and pass laws and the executive branch signs them into law. If citizens in the various states do not agree with those laws, they can press their case in a legal court presided over by federal judges. If courts reject these cases brought against a federal law....the only recourse citizens have is to remove/change their federal representatives in the next election.

These obvious facts make clear that any initiative this fall in Ohio to demonstrate disapproval or rejection of ObamaCare are purely political theatrics. Something which is not true at all when it comes to the referendum to toss out SB5.

Part of the problem with today's "professional" media is their constant striving to give their audiences what they want instead of what they need to know. Any referendum this fall attempting to negate ObamaCare in Ohio will have not one shred of authority or legality. The same is not true of the referendum in Ohio this fall to overturn SB5.

That's what columnists should be telling their readers.



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