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AB Journal: "No We Can't"

By The Reverend Published: February 24, 2008

Predictably, the Akron Beacon Journal endorsed Hillary Clinton this morning for the Democratic presidential candidacy. Something that was fully expected by this blogger. The editorialists that opine in the Beacon are basically status quo establishment thinkers, so endorsing Clinton over Obama is no surprise.

This is the same editorial board, don't forget, who endorsed Mike DeWine, another establishment person, over Sherrod Brown. So the Beacon has a track record of Dean Broder-like thinking. Constantly speaking to themselves about the existence of some invisible center in modern politics.

Perhaps it's simply political nostalgia. The longing for how things used to be, at least in Beacon editors' heads.

Look at how establishment-right thinking.....thinks....

"If her vote authorizing war in Iraq has harmed her candidacy in this primary season, she has been the more thoughtful and honest about the road ahead." Link

That's it. That's all the wise Beacon editorialists managed to say about Hillary's neo-con voting record. No examples of how Hillary has been "more thoughtful and honest about the road ahead", she just has been, according to the Beacon.

No mention of her voting with the GOP neo-cons in the Kyl-Lieberman bill that sought to gin up a strike on Iran. No mention of how "thoughtful" that vote was. No mention of how "honest" her explanation was for her vote for Bush's war of choice. No mention.

Behold the status quo defending the..... status quo....

"Yet there remains so much that is uncertain and unformed about Obama. Bill Clinton was looking for a tactical advantage when cautioned that electing Obama would be a ''roll of the dice.'' There is an element of truth in his words."

Defending Bill Clinton's criticism of Barack Obama is all one needs to read to understand how much the Beacon editors are "stay the course" minded.

Yes, an Obama presidency would be a bold, brave, and daring step to take. A B Journal editorialists have never been mistaken for bold, brave and daring thinkers.

Why "roll the dice" when we can have more of the same gridlock and business as usual, where the powerful continue to dictate the agenda. Wouldn't want to risk upsetting all those lobbyists, influence peddlers and corporate would ya'? It's just safer, the Beacon and Bill Clinton suggest, to "stay the course" of today's out-of-touch-with-the-people federal government status quo.

However here's the part where the Akron Beacon Journal joins in with the Republicans and says to all those who believe Obama is the best candidate, "No, We Can't"......

Obama presents himself as a transforming figure. Actually, his campaign approach is familiar, just as his proposals are more conventional, more candy-for-everyone than he suggests, his recent pandering on the trade issue especially disappointing. He is running as the classic outsider. The truth is, Washington won't be changed in a dramatic way. Partisan clashes are expected, even promoted.

Move along, nothing new to see with Obama. Same old, same old. The Beacon calls Obama a "pander(er)", a run of the mill "familiar" style campaigner, who is simply handing out unrealistic pieces of hope "candy" to all the kids at the political parade. Yeah, that's why the Kennedy's endorsed him. Yeah, that's why Obama's drawing so many Independent and even Republican voters. Yeah.

But the greatest line expressing undying conservative status quo love is the Beacon's, "No We Can't" response to excited supporters of Obama. "The truth is, Washington won't be changed in a dramatic way."

Obama says and his followers repeat, "Yes, we can."

The Akron Beacon Journal says, "No, we can't."

I don't know exactly when Beacon editorialists became so fused with the status quo. I don't understand why they became so calcified in their, "No, we can't", thinking. But they have.

I only know that America didn't become the greatest nation on earth by following dusty, rocking chair advice from fuddy duddy, Dean Broder style centrist thinkers who think like this....

" ...the country is best-served by the president with the knowledge, savvy and temperament to push Washington forward, building coalitions at the political center."

I don't know how it is that Beacon editorialists came to believe and trust in some political center, some invisible group out there somewhere chanting, "No we can't." I don't know how that happened or why.
I only know that there really is no centrist constituency out there, only the one in establishment cheerleaders heads.

So, to the moth eaten thinking of these old codgers at the Beacon editorial staff, to those who have witnessed a near fatal status quo, establishment presidency in George W. Bush and yet, want more of the same anyway,....I say in response to your firm, "No We Can't", statement endorsing Hillary Clinton.....

"The Hell We Can't".

Don't give in to the naysaying nabobs of negativism whose best skill is found in dashing the hopes of a whole new generation of enthusiastic voters. Don't give in to business as usual thinking, the only kind Beacon editorialists have to offer.

Don't flinch at the, "No, we can't change things and we don't want to" endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

The truth is.....we can change things....we can be hopeful. This is America, not the old Soviet Union. We don't have to endure the status quo. We can throw their asses out....and voting for Obama March 4th is how we begin doing that.

Yes, we not only can......we will.



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