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ABC Scandal

By The Reverend Published: September 14, 2007

Update link below

The Beacon has a miniscule blurb on this today......but yesterday I found all the following stuff. This one might have legs because of the Iran implications.

Story by Howie Kurtz here

Good exploration by Attytood here

Juan Cole talks about Cheney Iran roll out plan here

Propaganda about teams of suicide bombers coming to the U.S. ABC story here

Story breaks out on scandalous ABC fake reporter here

Looks like state run and paid for media to this case to gain converts for the attack Iran lobby.

I don't have much time today. Of the links above Attytood's is the most comprehensive. This is some interesting stuff on how it's all done.

Update: This ABC scandal has a Neo-conservative connection....shocker, right?
Read about it here.



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