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Adolescent Nation

By The Reverend Published: November 12, 2009

In the decade from 1994 through 2004, the amount of money spent on pet food, pet supplies, veterinary visits, medicines, live animals and services, more than doubled from $17 billion to $34.2 billion,....... In 2005 alone $36.3 billion was spent.

According to an August 6th 2007 issue of Business Week magazine, we spend 41 billion dollars on our pets annually.

Cable tv.....Americans spent $51 billion on cable teevee in 2008.

The video gaming industry is projected to post revenues of $57 billion in 2009.

Gross revenues from legalized gambling reached a record-high $78.6 billion in 2003.

Americans spend approximately $228 billion per year of "disposable income" on the four above industry's products. Products, which, at best, we call entertainment.

Yet, according to conservatives and Republicans, America cannot afford universal health coverage for it's citizenry. Americans, if you listen to conservatives and Republicans, can afford to spend over $228 billion per year on entertaining themselves with adolescent foolishness....but they can't afford to pay $100 billion per year for universal health care coverage.

Here are some more products that Americans, apparently, can afford....


At the end of Starbucks fiscal year (September 2007), the company has grossed $9.4 billion.

Movie Theaters $9.5 billion in ticket receipts.

Cosmetic surgery $12-18 billion

Professional sports revenue.....$16 billion.

Failing to prioritize the expenditure of one's resources is the mark of adolescence. And that's, really, all America adolescent nation. During the last 8 years, under the adolescent leadership of George W. Bush and fiscally conservative Republicans in Congress, 1 trillion dollars was spent on wars of adventurism and occupation, and another 1 1/2 trillion dollars of the Treasury's revenues was given back in tax cuts, the majority of which, benefitted the wealthiest.

That's 2 1/2 trillion dollars totally wasted. That much money would have paid for the next 25 years of the Democrat's proposed universal health care reform. 25 years. But see? when we were's just so much more fun and thrilling to blow that much money and have nothing to show for it afterwards. You know, the thrill of the moment...just like Mission Accomplished.

Congress is currently being held hostage by conservative adolescents from both parties.....silly juveniles like Evan Byah, Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and all 40 of the Senate Republicans. Curiously, those are the same people who had no problem, whatsoever, in recklessly voting in favor of throwing away $2 1/2 trillion from America's Treasury during the fearless, clusterf*ck-rave-party-leadership of The Decider and his Dick.

That's just how adolescents act though....isn't it? While Americans are blowing over $200 billion every year on silly and non-productive personal entertainment.....the government which represents those Americans.....voted consistently to blow $2 1/2 trillion on adolescent-minded, non-productive, yet politically entertaining, joyrides of destruction.

So, when you hear the oh-so-very-serious-and-solemn warnings by the usual conservative suspects in the next few weeks.....repeatedly telling us that America simply can't afford health care reform, can't afford to extend health insurance to all it's citizens.....keep this in're listening to pimply-faced, petulant adolescents who would rather enjoy the thrill of smoking political pot while driving the country's car 100 miles per hour....than studying hard to pass the nation's very difficult exam.



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