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Against Torture? You Must Have "Isolationist Tendencies"

By The Reverend Published: December 26, 2007


From Bush's press conference last week comes this exchange. It needs deconstructed.....

There's an audio disjoint (Yahoo's fault)...1:22 duration....


What was the reporter's question? The reporter asked if Bush "is concerned" about what the rest of the world's countries think of the U.S. in light of how we treat detainees. The reporter is oh-so-sensitive to Bush's feelings by not using the word 'torture' but that's what he's getting at anyway. Is Bush concerned about what others in the world think about America's torturing of detainees? That is the question.

Junior's answer is convoluted but he first accuses the reporter of trying to get him to comment on the CIA torture tape destruction.....but that wasn't his question at all. Then Bush says his people get "criticized all the time"....but the reason, Bush says, is because "we're asking them to do hard things". While his people are "intercepting and finding terrorists and spreading freedom" there will be criticism. Then the Decider gets wingnutty. He says, "there's isolationist tendencies in this world". He goes on to say that we even have people with "isolationist tendencies" "right here in our country."

What I gather from the Commander-of-All-That-Ever-Was-Commanded...Guy.... is that if people, around the world or inside America, oppose the torturing Bush has ordered to be done to alleged "terrorists", then those that are doing the opposing....have "isolationist tendencies". He's actually accusing United States citizens of having "isolationist tendencies" if they object to the torturing of so-called "enemy combatants".

In typical bullying style, this cocky little man, at a lower approval rating for a longer time period than any other president ever in all of American history, still has the audacity to call good, ethical Americans who object to trying to drown a person to get them to say something, "isolationists".

Those who oppose the use of waterboarding, sleep deprivation, snarling dogs, the stuff we saw in the Empire Strikes Back Abu Ghraib torture pictures.....those who oppose all that and don't want it done in their names simply, according to Junior, are victims of "isolationist tendencies".

For Junior Bush it can't be that Americans, as well as others, just think that civilization has moved beyond the point where torturing of people is acceptable. It can't be that. It has to be that there is something wrong with those who object to torture. Those who object to torture, clearly by Bush's context, are opposed to "spreading freedom". "Spreading freedom" is not "isolationist", according to the U.S. president, and "spreading freedom", obviously to Junior, includes torture.

Summarizing: A reporter asks whether the president of the United States is concerned about criticism his administration is receiving for his torture policy carried out against "terrorists". The POTUS answers "I'm not surprised we get criticized on a number of fronts" and that those who would oppose "aggressively pursuing terrorists" through the use of torture just "want to stay home" and be "isolationists".

Those who filibustered for Bush 62 times in one year to protect him and his agenda don't have "isolationist tendencies". They are FOR torture while "spreading freedom." Those Republicans who have obstructed progress every day of the year during 2007 protecting their Leader President, stand firmly with Him concerning torture. Republicans are officially FOR torture. Those against are easily dismissed by these torture endorsers as wanting to "stay home" because they're silly "Isolationists".

This is where all the pre-emption war bullsh*t and all the fearmongering mania has brought us to. All the executive privileges, signing statements, dismissal of habeas rights, secret kidnappings, misleading us into Iraq, obstruction of justice, outing of CIA agents, spying on Americans, and unaccountability for any of it, have led the sponsor of this rogue regime,The Republican Party, and it's Warrior Leader, to now reject over 200 years of American historical precedence, and replace it with inhumane and barbaric torture policies. All who object are silly "isolationists".

Remember this when you vote next year.



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