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Akron Beacon Journal Has An Obama Day

By The Reverend Published: May 2, 2008

The Akron Beacon Journal, earlier this year, endorsed Hillary Clinton and John McCain to be this fall's presidential candidates. As a result and because, I suppose, the Beacon is such a professional and objective provider of deep and serious news, Obama articles have been absent from virtually every daily edition. Sure, anti-Obama stuff has been printed all over the opinion page....Dowd, Krauthammer, Will, Brooks, Dowd again, etc.....but, you know, fair and balanced reporting on Obama and his policies.....crickets.

That is until yesterday. Yesterday must have been declared a free-fire-on-Obama day for Akron's only newspaper. A somber picture of Obama on the front and last page of section A, complete with ominous uncertainties about the Rev Wright "controversy", a main editorial entitled "Politician Obama", full of lukewarm pap and more Wright "controversy", an almost full page Maureen Dowd attack-Obama screed fully adorned with a huge picture of the Rev. Wright and...and...a piece by Steve Hoffman entitled, "The relentless trivialization of presidential politics".

I don't want to single out just one of these....but I am going to anyway.

I imagine Steve Hoffman is a good guy and so forth, at the same time I want to take him to task on a couple things he wrote.

"What's happening is that the trivialization of presidential politics, largely driven by 24-hour cable news channels, has melded with the electronic memory banks of YouTube,..."

"Because ''electability,'' as amorphous an issue as was ever hatched, has become the dominant theme in the Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, steering the debate into deeper waters may be next to impossible in the short run."

"For now, the campaign appears to be moving at the speed of (the Rev. Jeremiah) Wright, which is to say, not very fast when it comes to dealing with the matters (jobs and the economy) Ohio voters say they care about the most." Link

Hoffman says stuff like, "what's happening..", "electability....has become the dominate theme", "steering the debate" and "appearing to be moving at the speed of Wright".

It's as if these faux-scandal stories are alive and move themselves onto the producers premier time spots all by themselves and those producers are simply handcuffed from doing anything about it. The stories, live creatures themselves, must, like, cling to the scriptline and can't be removed. It's just what "happens". When, for example, MSNBC's David Gregory squeezes the same piece of Wright video tape into a 60 minute program a half a dozen it because the video, itself, is holding a gun to Gregory's producer's head? Has the "content" actually sprouted self awareness, now threatening the "content providers" if coverage isn't 24/7? Jesus.

"Hello, this is the Wright "God Damn America" video. I'm holding your children. I won't hurt them as long as you play me on a loop for 72 hours straight. Got that? If you don't obey my wishes, you'll be sorry."

"Yeah, this is 'electability' calling. I'm downstairs in the lobby planting a bomb. If the nitwits that work for you don't make this campaign about me....and I mean all the time.....then the bomb will go off. Do you understand?"

How did "electability..become the dominant theme"? To read Hoffman it would seem like that sentence, those very words, have sprouted life of their own and are running around inside all the heads of all the teevee and newspaper people, holding those same teevee and newspaper people hostage. The kidnapped-by-words teevee and newspaper people have no power but to do the bidding of those hostage taking words.

And naturally, those live hostage taking words all say the same thing...."Repeat....or I'll shoot".

Either Steve Hoffman can't comprehend what's really going on or he is simply naive, I can't say.....but this stuff isn't just "happening"'s all being orchestrated from a script. The Knee Padders have a copy of the script, Republicans have a copy and now recently, Hillary has a copy.

All of these people are either being held hostage by live and apparently dangerous video and audio tapes and the word "electability".....or all three are incestuously triangulating in a concerted effort to bury Obama with bullsh*t.

For me it's an easy choice.

The Beacon Journal should call the Swat Team, or somebody, because all those come-to-life words and stories smearing Barack Obama must be holding the editors hostage there, offering them no choice but to print them in as many places as the stories themselves dictate.

Just happens.

(Obama's) ..."campaign is moving at the speed of Wright", says Hoffman. In reality, it's the Knee Pad establishment servicers who are "moving at the speed of Wright". Why? Because the more slowly they smear Obama with nonsensical trivia and guilt by association, the less time there will be for genuine policy discussions which will make McCain look even worse, and older, than he already does.

It's not informative or helpful to ignore the reality of corporate media dictating the narrative of this election cycle. The "speed" with which the coverage is moving is controlled entirely by corporate media. While Steve Hoffman mentions cable teevee, he makes absolutely no connection to the corporately controlled primary narrative designed specifically now to bury Obama with guilt by association replays.

I have all the Democratic primary debates on video. The list of Obama (and Clinton) bashers and gotcha artists contained long. Blitzer, Campbell Brown, Tim Russert, Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson, George Stephanopolous.......all of them singing from the same "Let's Smear the Democrats" hymnal.

Now that these same wretched creatures have concluded that Barack Obama is the enemy posing the biggest threat to all that they cherish.....a free-fire on Obama zone has been set up. The latest Rev. Wright wall to wall coverage is only the first in a long and already prepared script. A script designed by Knee Pad producers for the sake of the powerful establishment. Nothing of substance or import is contained in the script, just innuendo, gossip, rumor, smear by association and guilt by association. Nevertheless, those who serve only the powerful will stick to the script....that's how afraid of an Obama presidency these Knee Pad mutants are.

It looked yesterday like the Akron Beacon Journal was reading off that script.



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