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All The News Government Deems Fit To Print

By The Reverend Published: December 1, 2010

At the beginning of 2004, the New York Times confronted the Bush White House with what they had found out about Bush and Cheney's secret program of vacuuming up all Americans' electronic communications....and doing so without judicial warrants. This was a clear and massive violation of not only the 4th amendment but also the strict FISA guidelines passed in 1978 in the wake of similar Nixon-era governmental abuses. The abuses continue today.

2004 was a critical re-election year for The Decider and his Dick, and so the Bush administration told the NY Times that they wanted the Times to hold off for awhile on printing the doubt based on their "national security" concerns. It's always national security concerns.

So, the NY Times held the Bush illegal-spying-on-all-Americans blockbuster story for ONE FULL YEAR. Bush/Cheney were re-elected in November 2004 by voters who were purposely kept in the dark about a massive criminal conspiracy to violate the constitutional rights of all Americans.....a conspiracy plotted and implemented by the very executive branch that the NY Times obeyed by not telling American voters.

The point of raising that 2004 story is to illustrate the assbackwardness of our Village media. American journalism is supposed to inform the American people about what the government is doing in our name.....and yet, the first thing the NY Times did back in 2004 with a blockbuster story of governmental abuse and illegalities was run to the government to find out what the government leaders wanted the NY Times to do with that blockbuster story. The second thing the NY Times did was obey what those governmental leaders told them to do......the Times held the story from circulation on the orders of the government. The same government who was committing the illegalities.

Now, the Village witnessed in Bobo's bullsh*t reprinted in the AB Journal today.....are rushing to defend the government again over the newest WikiLeaks....leaks. The one common thread that runs through almost all of corporate media commentary on the WikiLeaks story is that the government, at all times, must be protected from unauthorized leaks that might embarass that same government.

In short.....the same media whose job it is to serve the people by reporting everything that the government does in our name, now understands their job as being one of cooperating with government to keep Americans FROM knowing what the government does in our name.

The first 3 minutes of the following BBC video with NY Times executive editor, Bill Keller, is actually breathtaking. Bill Keller admits that with the WikiLeaks material, just as he did in 2004, he takes his potential story material to the government for their approval and recommendations.....and then obeys what the government tells him. Remember while you're listening to Keller.....this is the NY Times we're talking about. You know, the most liberal of all liberal publications....

Carne Ross, the former UK advisor to the UN,....the other guy in the BBC video....says this...

"It's extraordinary that the New York Times is clearing what it says with the U.S. government, but that says a lot about the politics here where left and right have lined up to attack WikiLeaks. Some have called it a terrorist organization."

One would think that "it's extraordinary" for U.S. news giants to be first "clearing" what they report to U.S. citizens with their governmental masters.....but it's not extraordinary anymore and hasn't been for quite awhile.

Anyone who reads George Will, Michael Gerson, Bobo Brooks or watches Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, or John King....realizes that today's most popular corporate "news reporters" do what they do, ...protect the powerful in government from the people's right to know,.... in order to guarantee ongoing access to the very governmental officials who they are protecting.

In 2002-03, that incestuous dynamic resulted in the fraudulently trumped up attack of the non-threatening, sovereign nation of illegal attack that resulted in the killing of some 100,000 Iraqis and 4500 U.S. soldiers.



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