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All To Bushie, We Surrender

By The Reverend Published: November 7, 2007


The thing about having a dictator for your Leader is that ALL must be sacrificed for him.

All to the Dear Leader, America must surrender. All to Him, we must freely give.

So when the Dear Leader gets his cowpoke-dictator-ass caught in a legal wringer by ordering torture.....the only way out is to legally surrender all U.S. citizens to least in theory.....

The top legal adviser within the US state department, who counsels the secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, on international law, has declined to rule out the use of the interrogation technique known as waterboarding even if it were applied by foreign intelligence services on US citizens.

The inability of a senior US official to rule out such an interrogation method even in the case of it being used against Americans underlines the legal knots in which the administration has tied itself. Link

Ya' think?

No one who works for the Dear Leader or wants to work for the Dear Leader (Mukasey) can say waterboarding is torture because then Leader would have to go bye-bye to federal prison for being a war criminal. The Senate is in the midst of a circle jerk over this very point.

But now, with Condi's "top legal advisor's" unwillingness to rule out waterboarding of U.S. citizens, the torture blackmail coup is complete. All U.S citizens must now tentatively be vulnerable to waterboarding....RATHER THAN.... the Dear Leader be found liable for war crimes.

And how appropriate it is. It's the Jesus story, only appropriate for our Great and Dear Dyslexic Leader. And we can think of it, waterboarding that is, as our new form of Baptism into the Faith of Leader.

Isn't your heart just brimming with joy and spiritual euphoria?

Shall we join together in chanting the responsive reading to our Lord and Leader Eternal......

All to Georgie...U.S. citizens must surrender....all to HIM....we must freely subject ourselves to being tortured....we must serve the Dear leader....yes, we must serve HIM, even if it means being tortured by fiends.....for we cannot allow our Dear Leader to be subjected to the rules of law, HIS mortal enemy.

Thank you Mother Condi over at State for making such a great decision concerning our Leader.

Praise his worthy name.



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