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America Damns Itself

By The Reverend Published: March 20, 2008

Straight out blog post. No cutting, no pasting.

Caution: Profanities up ahead.

From looking at the hometown paper today, from listening and watching last night's Knee Pad extravaganza, Jeremiah Wright doesn't have to worry about God damning America.

America is damning itself.

Kathleen Parker, Maureen Dowd and Bok.

Privileged white columnists and cartoon makers. Triumphalistically jotting down and drawing their self-righteous white viewpoints. Their responses to Barack Obama's historic and honest speech on race......paraphrasing for the hard of thinking crowd....."f*ck what Obama said, he's trying to make us whites feel guilty and we haven't done anything"....."f*ck what Obama said, after all, he's just the silly Magic Negro"....."f*ck what Obama said, his followers have formed a cult and he acts like a messiah."

Ignorant attempts at humor from three non-humorous people. Three self-satisfied, narcissistic, bitches.

Dowd's pseudo-anti-feminist bullsh*t routine has been smelling up the information highway for far too long. Dowd writes her columns for Dowd, continually convincing only herself of how cutesy-cutsey she is. Parker is the designated hit-bitch from the heart of wingnut land.....carrying out the divisive and intolerant bidding of people like Rush and Rove. Bok...well....he hasn't a clue. He draws pictures. He has demonstrated repeatedly that he doesn't "get it"....unless the "get" is white, conservative, Christian exceptionalism.

America is damning itself.


F*ckwads like Morning Joe Blow Scarborough, Tiny Tucker Carlson, Dipsh*t David Gregory, and resident racist, Pathetic Pat Buchanan....bloviate down towards the unwashed from their lofty moral thrones of self-satisfaction. All without one iota of self-awareness.

These all-knowing wisemen, now bloviating about race, are the same all-knowing wisemen who decided to use White House releases about Iraq to justify their cheerleading for dead American soldiers and a bankrupt American economy. Too much f*cking effort to, you know, find out the truth about Neo-Con Mania and the Warmongers.

Now we're five years into the Iraq nightmare brought to us by neo-con liars and White House stenographers posing as independent media reporters. The very same neo-cons.....the very same stenographers....are calling for a John McCain-led 50-100 year military occupation of the middle east. Clutzy, senile remarks by the 71 year old neo-con, McCain,....clutzy, senile remarks remarkably similar to the lies of the Decider.....are simply dismissed, as they were with W, as insignificant slip-ups by strong, tough, American Warriors who won't hesitate to kill.

America is damning itself.

All these brand-name asses, smug in their little white isolation rooms of entitlement, and snug in their chicken-hawk chairs, are leading the country down a path to national self-destruction. All for profits, mind you, so it's all perfectly understandable and not to be questioned. Have to stay competitive in today's global economy...ya' know.

When the archeologists sift through the remains of the ancient American Empire, they won't find that the Empire's fall was brought on by words from the likes of America's Jeremiah Wrights. They won't find that America fell because of protestors attempting to point out empirical truth. They'll find that America fell because of a smallish group of narcissistic opportunists who could control the flow of information and the reins of power.

In short, what they'll find is that none of it had to work out the way it did.

America chose to damn itself.



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