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American Democracy On The Ropes

By The Reverend Published: April 29, 2011

What I'm shocked about is how quickly it is happening. I guess I shouldn't be surprised...but I am.

In Michigan the democratic process has been officially ended by a rabid pack of Tea Party dogs. A Michigan citizen's vote no longer counts. Now the governor decides everything.

Some call it "financial martial law". Others call it the end of democracy in Michigan. The Tea Party dogs call it an "emergency measure."

Republican Michigan governor, Rick Snyder, hated by Michigan voters in less than 4 months on the job, has begun a reign of terror there which, I'm afraid, will spread throughout our once-great nation.

Author Naomi Klein described it years ago as "Disaster Capitalism."

During the week of March 14, Governor Snyder signed into law a bill which gives him unilateral power to appoint an "emergency financial manager" for any and all "financially distressed communities." The authoritarian law is based on the concept that if cities or counties are going through difficult financial periods they cannot be allowed to drag the entire state down with their red ink.

It could be called pre-emptive financial warfare.

If county X is showing red ink on their books, Governor Snyder can now appoint an emergency manager to take control of all decisions in that county. The emergency manager has the power to break any and all county contracts, fire whomever he wants to fire, sell off county assets unilaterally, combine or simply end school districts, and no county elected official can do a thing about it.

65 people have been trained as Emergency Managers and.... the state is preparing to train 150 more.

"It's the Republican reverse Robin Hood — steal from the poor and the working class and give it to the rich and wealthy," United Auto Workers President Bob King shouted from a loudspeaker on the Capitol steps, prompting a roar from the crowd.

We've witnessed "disaster capitalism" at work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Approximately 200,000 black citizens were displaced from their home city while investors rushed in to claim the lands where those black citizens previously had lived.

We saw it in America's worst crime since Iraq. Crazed American capitalists were set free in Iraq to remake the war-torn country into the image of the freak capitalist author, Ayn Rand.

And now because of the economic war on Americans caused by Wall Street gamblers, we're seeing disaster capitalism come to the heart of the United States.....cloaked in a vampire cape with the moniker "fiscal emergency" stitched across the back.

While Rick Snyder declares his "emergencies" and plays his "terminate democracy now" cards.....he also is pumping $1.8 billion into new business tax cuts.

Last night, Rachel Maddow reported that Governor Snyder has announced the government takeover of 23 Michigan school districts. All "emergencies" which necessitate the sweeping aside of any decision making authority elected school officials once had.

Voting is the only real voice any American citizen has. Now even that is being taken away under the pretense of a fiscal emergency.

What we're witnessing is the takeover of American democracy by conservative authoritarian capitalists. For the average American citizen, outrageous gas prices, high unemployment and foreclosure rates, a rollback to 1999 standards of living are indications of misery and the loss of hope. To authoritarian conservative capitalists they are glowing prospects of opportunity.

If you have been wondering why you are seeing the gutting of collective bargaining rights and the shameless bashing of teachers, EMTS, police and firefighters.....if you have been stunned by the efforts of new Tea Party governors to deprive local communities of funding while shoveling ever more cash upline to the already wealthy.....if you have been shocked at the latest GOP effort to terminate Medicare.....wonder and be stunned and shocked no longer.

These new authoritarian conservative capitalists are our nation's most dangerous enemies and they are deadly serious about remaking our states, our nation into their own Atlas Shrugged image.

We must remove these people from office or kiss our nation of opportunity goodbye. That's the emergency facing us.



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