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American People Want Government To Beat Them Harder

By The Reverend Published: March 6, 2013

The Republican-passed budget in 2012, authored by (Paul) Ryan, called for steep discretionary spending cuts and an overhaul of Medicare and Medicaid, but did not reach balance until close to 2040.

Just one year ago, austerity-for-thee-but-not-for-me fetishists in the GOP-controlled Tea House almost unanimously passed Paul Ryan's plan to balance the federal budget over a 28 year period. Ryan's plan reduced tax rates on millionaires or better while privatizing (cutting benefits) Medicare and block granting (reduce spending) Medicaid.

This year, I guess because R&R were electorally trounced in the general election, Ryan is back with a new 'the-GOP-loves-them-some-austerity' budget which, it's said, will balance the federal budget in 10 years. Why 10 years, you might ask...when in 2012 it was 28 years?

The Speaker committed to a 10-year secure conservative backing for a short-term suspension of the debt limit.

Austerity and small government fiends in the Tea House were going to force the country into default if Boehner didn't commit to balancing the budget in 10 years. Tea Party knife to his throat......with rabid, far rightists screaming for Boehner's head over the ridiculous and cartoonish "fiscal cliff" deal....the Speaker decided he would go with the austerity flow.

As you probably know, according to Republicans and the vast right wing conspiratorial media which exists only to either fluff or fellate Republicans daily.....sequester cuts won't mean a thing. Won't affect anyone.....and are but an insignificant economic flea on a dog's ass. Naturally, those who say that the sequester ain't no biggie won't be affected because....well....most of them are wealthy and in need of nothing. Besides, Obama pissed Republicans off by rubbing their faces in their own austerity excrement by using the bully pulpit to point out to non-Beltway Americans that, yes, the sequester would wind up cutting GDP by .6% and costing 750,000 jobs.

Now listen, I anxiously await the six pack ab-man's new and improved budget of austerity. Looking forward to it, in fact. But color me skeptical that the Badger who couldn't find a way to balance the budget over 28 years just last year.....has now come up with a new pain and suffering budget that will accomplish it's goal in 10 years. But hey....Ryan is a real policy wonk....or at least that's what I've been told by those on their knees servicing Republicans in the media.

For sure though, Ryan's new and improved budget will be entirely comprised of spending cuts and entitlement shredding....perhaps even raising the age for voucherizing Medicare to 56, or 59.....but no...that's revenues.....

(Republican representative Steve) Simpson (R-ID) has advocated for a budget deal that cuts spending, reforms entitlement programs and raises additional revenue, but Ryan and other Republican leaders have already ruled out new tax revenues.

Nothing new about any of this.....pre-emptively savaging the have-nots and the geezers-to-be and then reforming the tax code to provide relief for poor billionaires is the way of god.....part of the guaranteed rights from our invisible and still-unheard-from "Creator." And, of course, the GOP, who is masterminding this new savagery, is the political party of moral values.

Just look and see how moral.....

Third-term Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) said she had “no concerns” about the 10-year proposal.

“The American people are ready to sacrifice to save our country, and it’s time for us to let the American people sacrifice to save this country for their children and grandchildren,” she said. “I haven’t seen any effort to do that in Congress until this 10-year proposal came up.”

While the previous Ryan budgets sought to exempt those 55 and older from changes to Medicare, the new 10-year target could require a higher threshold. Lummis, 58, said she would be able to defend that decision.

“Under that 10-year budget, I will be sacrificing. I want to make that sacrifice,” she said. “So I feel I have the credibility as someone who would be affected to go home and say, ‘We have a duty to save our country, and part of that duty, for those of us who are between 55 and 65, is to cowboy up and save this country.’ ”

Got it? "Cowboy up."


Ms. Lummis "earns" a $174,000 per year salary as a House member, placing her and her colleagues in the top 5% of all earners. Ms. Lummis' pension at age 62 will fall somewhere in between $3000 per month and $5000 per month. Do you think that Ms. Lummis will really have to sacrifice much if Medicare is privatized?

But this....“The American people are ready to sacrifice to save our country, and it’s time for us to let the American people sacrifice to save this country for their children and grandchildren,” just too much to stomach.

Losing 40% of their net worth over the last 4 years.....perhaps losing their job, or their house, or their health care is just not enough sacrificing for the likes of Austere Cynthia and the House Austerians. And who would have guessed that Americans who have taken the most severe of financial beatings recently are just chomping at the bit to be beaten some more?

Finally, why are Americans ready to take more beatings when many have almost been beaten to death already?. The children. The same children who can't find work today, even if they own college degrees. The same children who owe more on college loans than they'll be able to pay back before they've reached the age of forty. The same children Republicans plan on reducing future retirement benefits for.....right now.

Yeah, those children.







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