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American Taliban

By The Reverend Published: June 1, 2009

Remember this?

April 15, 2009,

The government considers you a terrorist threat if you oppose abortion, own a gun or are a returning war veteran.

That's what House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said Wednesday in response to a Department of Homeland Security report warning of the rise of right-wing extremist groups.

Smith, who said the report on "right-wing extremism" amounts to "political profiling," said that DHS is "using people's political views to assess an individual's susceptibility to terror recruitment." He joins a growing chorus of protest from irate conservative groups that are protesting the report's findings.

And now this from yesterday....

With one bullet, a gunman ended the life and the controversial career of abortion doctor George Tiller, killing him as he stood in the foyer of his church Sunday.

For years, abortion foes tried to put Dr. George Tiller out of business. One of the few American physicians who performed late-term abortions, he was targeted by violent extremists as well as principled opponents.

In 1986, his clinic was bombed. In 1991, it was blockaded for six weeks. In 1993, he was shot in both arms. In March, Kansas prosecutors tried him on charges of breaking an abortion law; he was acquitted. In May, vandals cut wires to security cameras and made holes in the roof of Tiller's clinic, Women's Health Care Services, a fortified single-story building where abortion foes keep daily vigil. Link

The domestic terrorist alleged to have executed Dr. George Tiller yesterday, Scott Roeder, has this background....

Police also obtained a photo of the suspect, who had a prior conviction for criminal use of explosives, which was overturned on appeal, according to court records

Roeder appears to be a full fledged member of the American Taliban. The same American Taliban that wantonly killed and maimed other Americans on American soil the last time we had a Democratic president.

The bitter savagery and hatred of the far right extremists over abortion....

Warren Hern, a Colorado physician and close friend of Tiller who said he was now "the only doctor in the world" who performed very late-term abortions, said Tiller's death was predictable.

"I think it's the inevitable consequence of more than 35 years of constant antiabortion terrorism, harassment and violence," he said. "I get messages from these people saying, 'Don't bother wearing a bulletproof vest, we're going for a head shot.' "

Eventually, his clinic evolved from family practice to abortions. At his trial, Tiller testified that over the years he and his wife had taken into their home about 10 "young girls . . . so they could have a safe place to continue their pregnancies." He also said that his patients were sometimes followed to their hotels and that members of his staff were picketed at their homes.

Under George W. Bush, these extremists only got two of the three radical Supreme Court Justices appointed that they needed to take away a woman's right to her own reproductive choices. The last two elections have left Republicans swirling down the drain and the extremist right knows that ending Roe at the level of the now unlikely anytime soon. Lawlessness and violence is what these American jihadists resort to when they can't get their way through the political process.

These are the people Napalitano's Homeland Security report warned us against....and the far right howled over how they were being singled out in some kind of political witchhunt.

Now a good man, one of three remaining late-term abortion doctors in the country, has been executed by a member of the American Taliban.

I've blogged extensively on the role the conservative movement and it's corporate media partners have been playing in stirring up domestic acts of violence.

GOP Media Has Blood On Their Hands, Propaganda Fueled Crime In Pittsburgh, Glenn Beck's "War Room" Inciting Violence,

In A Grave And Gathering Storm, I asked these questions....

" is it possible that the thuggish speech and printed word of our nation's fringe dead-enders on the right could actually be fomenting violence? Is this something we should be concerned about, especially in light of a Democratically led government?"

Also read Professor Huhn's blog on this topic today.

More here about Roeder and Operation Rescue.



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