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Anatomy Of A Modern Lynching

By The Reverend Published: July 21, 2010

They came for Van Jones with General Glenn Beck leading the insurgent armies of hate. What had Jones done? His was the face of a young, brilliant, enthusiastic talent for America's democracy...but his face was black, just like America's new president.

The lynching went quickly in Van Jones' case....he stepped away without a fight in order to protect a newbee black president from immediate controversy. But make no was a modern lynching....and America's Most Dangerous Man, Glenn Beck, knotted the noose.

They came for ACORN. Two young wingnut buffoons working hard to deceptively edit carefully choreographed video shots...then releasing the video-fraud to Andrew Breitbart's demonically possessed smearsite, who in turn delivered the video-fraud to Fox News-That-Isn't.

The ACORN lynching by America's small band of new KKK'ers masquerading as "journalists" took a bit longer than Van Jones'. Fox News-That-Isn't finally badgered other corporate news outlets into running with the Breitbart distributed, Jimmy O'Keefe-made, video-fraud....and finally, after the other corporate media outlets caved and replicated the "story"....a spineless and impotent Congress defunded ACORN and Obama signed the defunding bill. ACORN twisted in the wind for a couple of days and then expired. The lynching complete.

Later investigations found that ACORN had done nothing illegal.....but that "news", mysteriously, never made it to the front page. Government funding was never restored, no apologies to ACORN ever made. The non-profit, black community group had been lynched and left hanging to rot from a tree.

Over this past weekend, the same vigilantes, the same white, conservative lynch mob, came after another black American who worked tangentially for America's new black president....another black person who hadn't done anything wrong.

Shirley Sherrod's lynching over these past 4 days has been the most grotesque of all these modern day lynchings.

Ms. Sherrod was hired by the Tom Vilsack-headed Agriculture Department in 2009. Sherrod had a long career history of working with poor farmers throughout the country. In 1986, she was working for a non-profit group which helped poor farmers in and around Georgia decipher the new bankruptcy-for-farmers government law passed in 1986.

In March of this year, Shirley Sherrod was telling a story from her experiences in 1986 to a small NAACP group. Ms. Sherrod's talk was recorded on video. In her talk, Sherrod told about her first encounter helping a poor white that white farmer had come to her non-profit, non-governmental agency for help in avoiding bankruptcy and the loss of his family farm.

At first the white farmer acted "superior", Sherrod said. In the end, though, she actually wound up going out of her way to help the white farmer...but at first she had doubts about how much help she would offer him. Ms. Sherrod went on to say that it was 1986....during her first experience assisting a poor white farmer...that she understood that the issue of people in need of help was not a black/white issue. Instead it was a issue of poverty. It was all about the issue of those who have...and those who don't. Ms. Sherrod went on to assist hundreds of poor white farmers throughout her career.

Ms. Sherrod went out of her way to help the poor white farmer, Roger Spooner. Mr. and Mrs. Spooner, yesterday, went on the video record defending their lifelong friend, Shirley Sherrod, and calling any claims of racism against her, "hogwash."

Yet....Shirley Sherrod was fired by Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack. Even though as of this blog post this morning, Vilsack is reconsidering.

The political lynching of blacks or black groups affiliated with America's first black president has become the new national "wilding" sport for hateful and often bigoted white conservatives.

The new lynchings all start with a lie or a concerted deception. The goal of the modern KKK'ers is to convey the perception of wrongdoing through deceitful means......spread the deception and lies quickly....and then push hard for a resignation or disassembly of their hate-object du jour.

In every case thus far, the lynchers have gotten away with their evil deeds. Spineless, knee jerk Democrats, and a timid and pragmatic Obama administration rush to put out the fire of deception stoked by Fox anchors by asking for resignations, or signing atrocious defunding resolutions...or in the case of Shirley Sherrod....forcing her on Monday to pull over to the side of the road and text in her resignation immediately.

Modern day political lynchings are similar to their earlier authentic versions in that in both cases....white cowards carry out their despicable work in secrecy, behind the scenes,....or sheets, order to camouflage who the culprits are.

But we know who they are. Fox News-That-Isn't is the central interchange for modern lynchings. Fox's fingerprints are all over each and every modern political snuff job. NewsMax and Breitbart and the numerous offshoot nut-groups spawned from Sarah Palin's deceptive and hatefully divisive campaign 2 years ago have all donned their white robes and hoods of internet anonymity.....their lynching ropes are the lies and deceptions they purposely manufacture and spread. Their goals evil and reprehensible. Their cause worthy of hellsfire.

For those who care about facts or the is Shirley Sherrod's "racist against whitey farmers" speech in it's entirety....

Here's Shirley Sherrod on CNN yesterday including Mrs. Spooner's call in in defense of Ms. Sherrod, calling her "my friend"....

This also.

Because I never will......may god have mercy on the souls of America's new lynchmobsters.



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