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Another War Not About Oil

By The Reverend Published: March 18, 2011

Remember how invading the sovereign nation of Iraq in 2003 had nothing to do with Iraq's huge oil reserves? Nothing whatsoever.

Once the WMD-in-Iraq bullsh*t meter pegged out....the reason for attacking a nation which posed no threat to the United States became clearer. You see, what Iraq was always about was the Iraqi people. Freeing those poor Iraqi people for...well...freedom.

So when our sophisticated Joint Commanders ordered more bombs dropped on Iraq than were dropped during the entire WW2 campaign, killing over 100,000 Iraqis and driving millions more out of their country in the was really, honestly, truly because....we were bringing freedom, liberty, democracy and the kingdom of heaven to those Iraqi civilians.

Freedom bombs.....they're called. We drop 'em.....freedom spreads like wildfire.

But by god.....when our freedom bombs were blowing Iraq into smithereens, spreading a form of freedom that looked like total destruction, but, of course, couldn't possibly be because our patriotic god-like leaders told us so.....the one reason for spreading all that freedom that never crossed the minds of those divine U.S. leaders....was all the oil reserves that Saddam had not exploited yet. Nosirree....nothing to do with oil. Shame on anyone who thought that way.

The fact that Iraq's proven oil reserves are the world's second largest, behind Saudi Arabia....had zip, zero, zilch to do with why America attacked a nation which had not threatened us in any way.

And if some one explains to you now, after America has finished spreading it's freedom all over Iraq, that....

Iraq has raised the level of the oil reserves it claims to own by 24% in its first revision since Saddam Hussein fell from power.

... the revision means that Iraq now has bigger oil reserves than its neighbour Iran.

...that still doesn't mean that the oil had anything to do with the U.S. decision to drop freedom bombs all over Iraqis. Anyone who says that oil had something to do with freedom spreading in Iraq either needs drug-tested or wants the Pentagon closed. That's all.

And so, as western powers voted yesterday to spread more freedom, this time with freedom bombs designated for Libyan

civilians bad can rest assured that oil, once again, is the furthest thing from these freedom spreaders minds.

Today's NY Times....

But diplomats said the moral imperative of protecting civilians from Colonel Qaddafi and the political imperative of United States not watching from the sidelines while a notorious dictator violently crushed a democratic rebellion had helped wipe away lingering doubts.

Prime Minister of England, David Cameron......

“This is about protecting the Libyan people and saving lives,” Mr. Cameron said.

“Any decision to put the men and women of our armed forces into harm’s way should only be taken when absolutely necessary,” he said. “But I believe that we cannot stand back and let a dictator whose people have rejected him kill his people indiscriminately. To do so would send a chilling signal to others.”

Are you getting dizzy yet from the deja-voodoo? Rest easy.....knowing that we are the Good Guys in this freedom-spreading endeavor....which has nothing whatsoever to do with oil.....

Oil reserves in Libya are the largest in Africa and the ninth largest in the world with 41.5 billion barrels as of 2007. Oil production was 1.8 million barrels per day as of 2006, giving Libya 63 years of reserves at current production rates if no new reserves were to be found. Libya is considered a highly attractive oil area due to its low cost of oil production (as low as $1 per barrel at some fields), and proximity to European markets. Libya would like to increase production from 1.8 Mbbl/d in 2006 to 3 Mbbl/d by 2010–13 but with existing oil fields undergoing a 7–8% decline rate, Libya's challenge is maintaining production at mature fields, while finding and developing new oil fields. Most of Libya remains unexplored as a result of past sanctions and disagreements with foreign oil companies.

If you need further proof that the still-to-come dropping of freedom bombs on Libya has nothing to do with oil.....just as the freedom bombing of Iraq had nothing to do with oil....just peruse the 12,900,000 website locations Google produces for the search command, "oil spikes on fears of Libya." That should settle it once and for all.....when those freedom bombs start falling on the heads of's not because of their oil, it's because we care so deeply for them, you know, as fellow human beings.

What is even more reassuring should be knowing that Very Serious People, like John Kerry, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and, naturally all the Bill Kristol neo-conservative freedom spreading crowd....just as they reassured us before freedom bombs fell on Iraq....are once again reassuring us that freedom bombs designated for Libya are actually altruistic freedom bombs unblemished by thoughts of oil reserves.

Hope everyone feels much better now. Libya will simply be an exercise in spreading freedom to now-threatened civilians......civilians whom we never gave one sh*t about up until now.



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