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Anti-America America

By The Reverend Published: February 11, 2011

Is it possible that the United States population is moving ever-so-closer to actually rejecting America?

I realize that sounds like an odd question. I mean, how could America be anti-America? Right?

Let's consider two situations/events which I believe illustrate how America could be rejecting America.

The first is the ongoing saga of Guantanomo.

The illegal, offshore gulag which became home to organized American torturing of Muslim "detainees" was the product of a few very bad people inside the Bush administration....and, of course, Bush, himself, for approving such savagery. America...the population....was kept in the dark for a good long time about Guantanomo. We don't know very much about what went on there during Bush (national security and all), or what's going on there now.

Yes, torture is anti-American.......and a crime worthy of incarceration......but it's really not the torture that went on down in Guantanomo which gives me pause about America, the population, turning against America. It's what has happened since the torturing was exposed....which worries me.

America claims it is a nation of laws, not men. Our governing Constitution clearly outlines the basic principle of due process....if one is accused of wrongdoing, one has the right to face his acccusers, present all pertinent evidence, and have a judge and jury decide guilt or innocence. This up until now understood, American principle is as American as the Corvette.

And yet....a majority of Americans have rejected due process for remaining detainees in Guantanomo. Americans, including President Obama, aren't willing to risk the outcome of a trial by judge and jury. If trying Gitmo detainees means there is the possibility that a detainee would be acquitted.....that's too big of a risk.

Apparently, many Americans no longer trust their own American system. It's just too risky.

The same can be seen in Egypt's recent turmoil. While it is absolutely true that the majority of Americans....80%....are currently on the side of the Egytian protesters in the gripping standoff we've been watching on teevee.....there is an ever-louder, and different sounding drumbeat being heard coming from the same folks who no longer trust in due process.

The entertainers working on talk radio and on Fox have been trying to scare their audiences over the new-and-improved bogeyman....The Muslim Brotherhood.

Fox contributor, Sarah Palin....

Who’s going to fill the void… in the government [of Egypt after Mubarek]. Is it going to be the Muslim Brotherhood? We should not stand for that, or with that or by that.

Neo-con, John Bolton...

"We are not on the verge of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius in Egypt if only the demonstrators get their way".

"If the Muslim Brotherhood can bring down the government and install a radical Islam regime there, in control of the Suez Canal, one can only wonder what will happen in the oil rich kingdoms of the Arabian peninsula.

Charlatan, Newt Gingrich....

“For us to encourage in any way the inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood is fundamentally wrong, and I think that what we want to do is walk a narrow line,” Gingrich continued. “We don’t want to betray somebody [Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak] who has been with us 30 years as an ally – we do recognize his time may well have gone – [but] we want to treat him with dignity, because he stood by us in very tough times.

“We want to help the Egyptian people achieve self government, but we want to isolate and minimize the risk of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

Just a sampling of what has been spoon fed to talk radio and Fox audiences for the last couple of weeks.

Here again, I believe the message from these conservative entertainers and charlatans, is one of American-style democracy being too risky. If the outcome of any democratic electoral process inside a new post-Mubarak Egypt includes representation from the Muslim Brotherhood....that's a risk that shouldn't be taken, we're being told by celebrity GOP entertainers.

So, the question these Americans (who have a big following) who say it's too risky to trust our American system of due process when it comes to trying Muslim detainees...and who are now questioning one-person, one-vote for Egytians if Muslim Brotherhood representation in a new Egytian parliament is the result........ the question these radio and Fox entertainers really believe or trust in the American system of all?



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