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Anxious To Cover The Crazy

By The Reverend Published: June 16, 2011

I often say mean and ugly things about corporate teevee media. They deserve it, of course, and that's why I call many of media's "stars" the names that I do.

One of the major beefs I have with teevee media is that it's players consider themselves to be Serious Professional Journalists doing Serious Professional Journalism. They're not, of course.....and their failure to actually do their job helped to kill 4400 U.S. soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqis. So, media doing it's job is, you know, kind of important.

One of the reasons Serious Professional teevee news people don't have time to, like, investigate claims about imminent dangers concerning a debilitated dictator in Baghdad, was because those news people were too busy copying down, in stenographic fashion, the words that the Bush White House officials were telling them. Then, those Serious Professionals in print and teevee media, immediately repeated the words the Bush White House officials told them to repeat.

That was the Serious Professional media during Bush. Even the liberal Dan Rather got in on the act. The Codpiece only had to tell ole' Dan where to line up...and Dan would obey. Like I said..Serious Professionals.

During the Obama presidency....those in the media news business have gotten even more Serious. All the corporate Professional media wants to write or talk the Crazy. That's it. Everything else is just filler.

Prime example.....Representative Weiner, Democrat of New York. I have purposely not commented about the Weiner story because I don't think it's a story worthy of commentary. Weiner did stupid stuff which makes no sense for a responsible elected official to have caught...and today he announces his resignation.

However, Serious media likes to talk for days on end about stuff like penises and Twitter pictures and sexting and all the rest of it....why?....because they're Serious. Watch this quick video compilation by Josh Marshall's Talking Points see how very, very Serious today's Professional media really is....

MSBNC, FOX and CNN....the three Bigs in cable news....and not one of them had time to report on what Nancy Pelosi had to say about jobs. Each network cut away immediately after Pelosi said she would not be commenting, nor taking questions about, Anthony Weiner.

What is more important for media as they seek to fulfil the purpose for which they were granted broad freedoms of expression? Running Anthony Weiner coverage on a 24/7 loop? Or informing a 9.1% unemployed audience what the congressional Democratic leader has to say about job creation, so that viewers will be better prepared to make an informed decision next November?

Today's Serious media chooses the Crazy every time over anything substantive. As the TPM video proves.....breaking news to media members is now mostly fresh comments by politicians about the Crazy.

Because if it ain't about something ain't news.

When the history of America's decline and eventual fall is least one long chapter will be dedicated to the utter failure of America's corporate media.



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