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April's Fools

By The Reverend Published: April 1, 2014

The first year of Obamacare enrollment is officially over. Despite website launch problems in October, it looks very much like the CBO's estimated number of 7 million Americans signing up for the new health insurance program will be close to the money.

Paul Krugman wondered yesterday how Republicans would respond to the total number of announced Obamacare enrollees....“[P]eople in the GOP are still working with a completely wrong narrative — namely, that Obamacare is failing, and that these are desperate ploys to save a sinking ship. The reality is quite different: enrollments have clearly surged in the final month…. How will the GOP respond when the numbers come in?”

I never wondered how Republicans would respond. I knew how they would respond.

And now for your April Fool's Day entertainment and amusement, let me introduce a few of the Fools of April....

Winner for far-fetched originality....Tell Congress to STOP the White House from unlawfully signing up illegal aliens for Obamacare to pad the enrollment numbers!

"I don't think it means anything. ... I think they're cooking the books on this," said (Wyoming GOP Senator) Barrasso on "Fox News Sunday."

Said Barrasso: “I’ve looked at this 10 different ways. This health care law is unfixable.”

"They seem to have forgotten that the bar had to be lowered to this level because they completely humiliated themselves for weeks," Brendan Buck, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, said in a statement. "But given how bad things are for the White House these days, I guess meeting the lowest of low expectations is now worthy of celebration."

Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn told Newsmax in a statement: "Falling one million short of the proclaimed goal is nothing to celebrate — not to mention the White House still refuses to disclose the most important figure of who's paid.

"As the administration scrambles to conceal its incompetence, millions of Americans are now enduring cancelled health plans, higher premiums, and lost access to trusted doctors," Blackburn said.

"House Republicans will continue to work to repeal this law and protect families and small businesses from its harmful consequences,.....Boehner said in a statement.

Limbaugh...."I’m telling you, the number of people who’ve actually signed up, and who are actually signing up for Obamacare with an actual Obamacare policy and actually making the payments and not being subsidized? I’ll bet you that number is less than a million.”

When hysterical, off-the-wall, knee-jerk responses are expected from now with the announcement that 7 million Americans have signed up for health insurance just like the CBO predicted months ago would happen....I can almost write those responses before they are uttered. That's how transparently predictable these GOP April's Fools have become.

But sometimes, Republicans provide a bonus....something extra-special....

"Washington Democrats forced America’s Middle Class into this impossible situation," he said before the latest figures were released. "They basically blocked every reasonable attempt to reform this law — or to change it in any meaningful way.

"Yet now that Obamacare’s become politically difficult for them, they’re deflecting blame," he said. "But Americans won’t be fooled."

And finally,...just's something from the Archive of Fools....

"There's an old saying in Tennesssee....I know it is in Texas, probably Tennessee...that says fool me once shame on...shame on you. Fool can't get fooled again." George W. Bush, Sept. 17, 2002.



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