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Are The Lives Of U.S. Citizens A "National Interest?"

By The Reverend Published: August 27, 2013

Took a long weekend.....and I will be taking another long weekend this week.
Contrary to popular lore, bloggers have real lives too.

I see that while I was working on my tan.....all the smart people decided it was the right and proper time to attack another middle eastern country. This time it is Syria. Our military is currently drone-killing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and perhaps Somalia.

The U.S. military is currently involved in the longest "war" in U.S. history.....a war against a tactic. A "war", according to those in the know, which will last at least another two decades.

A few months back, we heard all about alleged chemical weapons attacks by Assad's forces against Syrian citizens. World Empire President Obama had made the mistake of declaring that any chemical weapon use by Assad would "cross a red line." After last week's apparent use of chemical weapons in Syria, with deaths estimated at 1000 people, Empire Warmongers are itching to force the hated Empire President to intervene militarily in Syria.

Color me skeptical. I can still hear The Dick's 2002 words of assurance about Mr. Hussein...."there's little doubt now that Saddam has reconstituted his weapons programs."

I have no gracious words to type about Assad. Yet, my reaction to the "news" that the Syrian leader had gassed a large number of his own citizens....was the same as these words from Assad himself....

Assad said that attacking such an area with chemical weapons would not make sense for the government as there was no clear frontline between regime and rebel forces.

"How can the government use chemical weapons, or any other weapons of mass destruction, in an area where its troops are situated?" he said. "This is not logical..."

I couldn't see the logic...either.

Maybe Assad is responsible. The question remains however: what motive would Assad have to use WMD on his own people? Especially when Empire President Obama has already threatened Empire intervention if Assad used chemical weapons. Does anyone believe that Assad wants the Empire to intervene?

That I read the usual neo-con suspects and the Village stenographers over the weekend...all very certain and excited about attacking yet another middle eastern country......I came away with another troubling thought.

Our Leaders responses to the plight of American citizens confronted by the worst national economic recession in my lifetime has been.......austerity. At the very moment when more government spending became essential.....our Leaders have insisted on cutting government spending because.....debt....oh, and freedom.

But....when it comes to asking or answering the could the Empire possibly afford the billions necessary to militarily intervene in yet another middle eastern country?.......I hear nothing but crickets.

Could be wrong here...but it always seems like there's an abundance of resources when bombing, droning and killing in the middle east is at issue. The Empire, according to the Very Serious, just can't afford to do any more for vulnerable U.S. citizens brought low by the Bankster fact, the Very Serious have assured us that spending to assist the unemployed, the poor, the elderly, the homeless, the know....the "takers".....must be slashed.

But not the military. Never mind that the Empire has spent upwards of two trillion dollars already on a vast middle eastern adventure we're told has made the Islamic extremist problem even worse. Never mind that actual Americans.....everyone except the top 2%....have seen their income and net worth drastically reduced....with absolutely no bright prospects on the horizon. Never mind that official unemployment is in the middle7's...the actual number closer to 11%.

Never mind any of that. We have austerity to take care of those problems.....because as every supply sider will explain to you......cutting spending on the "parasites" and on the "takers" during a recession will result in ECONOMIC EXPANSION. Also, too...pigs fly.

I don't all just seems very odd. Spending billions and trillions more during a deep recession attacking and occupying multiple middle eastern countries is called protecting "our national interests." Slashing billions, during a deep, historic recession, from programs which go to assist "our real national interests".....Americans in called "fiscal responsibility."

With dissonance as concussion-inducing as that, it's difficult for a person like me to take the Very Serious....seriously.



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